Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Food

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During centuries, human societies depended on traditional breeding techniques, which allowed them to supply members with adequate nutrition. Such methods as hybridization and plant grafting had satisfied people for thousands of years as they improved all characteristics of products (“Genetically Modified Food”). However, with the progress made in all spheres, humanity could not leave the food industry without breakthrough innovations. First, it invented mutagenesis, the method that achieved unprecedented outcomes using using radiation and chemicals, and then, still more threatening for the mere survival of human species, transgenesis.

The latter demonstrates advances in the development of human technology on an unbelievable scale; this technique implies that people have found ways to impact the plants and animals at the genetic level. GM organism is genetically modified, which means that its genetic code is changed by purposeful intrusion (“Genetically Modified Food”). Such techniques as gene splicing or transgenic technology create the combinations of genes, so nature has nothing to do with the received plants, animals, or other organisms created in this fashion (Kromka). Although there are several advantages of growing genetically modified foods, disadvantages of this type of products are more crucial as they directly threaten the state of human health.

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At first casual glance, genetic engineering can seem just a breakthrough in the food technology that provides a perfect solution to the problem of human nutrition across the globe. Thus, as DNA of any plant or animal can be modified according to need, it opens limitless possibilities of growing any food in any amounts (“Genetically Modified Food”). Besides, the traits reached in GM products overpass any other breeding technique because transformed genes protect plants from pests and viruses reducing the need for toxic pesticides and herbicides.

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