Generic access method for network resources

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We are living in the communication era. The communication technology is growing at a fast pace. From the market survey, it has been shown that the fastest growing demand in the market was for electronics items in the past before 1990s.

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After the introduction of the mobile technology in the market, the demand for mobile technology users grew at a rate never before and crossed the graph of the consumer electronics also. There are so many parallel developments within the past decade. The development of computing technology, networking technology, wireless technology, and web technology has resulted in the integrated effort of providing more network services and better quality of the network services. There are many challenges for providing secure and network services to the user may it be internet connection, VPN services or VOIP services or e-commerce.


This project work could not have been shaped without the guidance and environment given by respected teachers from IOE. The help and support from the staffs of vendor who have deployed the RADIUS implementation for NT’s internet services billing system is also worth mentioning. I would like to thank all for shaping this project to the right track.


With the rapid development going on in the communication technology, there is more demand of new services broadly categorized as voice, data and video. The underlying technologies to support such services may be viewed similar to layered architecture of OSI(Open System Interconnection) model. There may be broadly three layers for such system as core layer, distribution layer and access layer. In access layer, there may be different technologies for access at the user end such as the copper technologies, fiber optics technologies and microwave technologies for the transmission of signal working as the access layer. The distribution layer is in the middle of core and access layer and works for distribution of services from the core layer to access layer. The MPLS and VLAN technology used for concentration of user traffic in ADSL system may be an example of the distribution layer. In the core layer there is generation of service which may be voice service, internet service, VOIP service, etc. The core layer thus includes the infrastructure for generation of services. There is new trend of convergence of the telecommunication technologies from circuit switched architecture to packet switched. The use of digital modulation to the customer premises like in ISDN, ADSL service access, use of soft switches instead of normal PSTN switches, use of ATM and POS (Packet Over SONET) as WAN technologies, etc suggest the trend towards IP based technologies. The development of the IP network technology began with the wired media. Development of internet technology helped to connect the users from different networks irrespective of media used and applications and protocols used within the network.

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