Gene pushes Finny

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 In the book “A Separate Peace”, by John Knowles, it talks about these two best friends FiInny and Gene. Finny always had a feeling that Gene wasn’t the exact person he wanted to be friends with. Deep down inside Finny is kind of a bad minded person. When Gene would handout with Finny, I think that Finny wouldn’t like it. Gene did become a better person when FiInny let go.

When Gene pushes Finny off the tree, he knew he regretted it and shouldn’t have done it. “I was not of the same quality as him, Gene says, suddenly perceiving his own moral inferiority to his best friend.” (14) Gene did like being friends with Finny at one point. Then the next Gene thought to himself that Finny wasn’t the right friend for him to have.

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During the war, when Gene pushes Finny off the tree he says, he realizes he did a horrible mistake. He didn’t mean to do harm, but what he did was done and can’t be redone. The way Gene changed after the war was he become a wise individual who obtained his knowledge with age.

During the tree scene, Gene convinces himself that Finny isn’t his friend, tricking himself into thinking that Finny is a conniving person that wants to sabotage his academic learning, to take what Gene has. “For me, this moment- four years is a moment in history, was the war. The war was and is still reality for me. Understanding and do think in its atmosphere and knowledge.” (24) Gene didn’t care about FInny anymore. He didn’t think that what he did was wrong.

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