Gene and Genetic Expression and its contribution to nutritional assessment

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Nutrition and diet has become a focal point in the prevention of disease. The tools doctors have at their disposal have done a fair job, but what if there could be a better and more individualized way of making recommendations regarding nutrition for disease prevention? The nutritional assessment tools doctors have been using lack an individualized look at a patient’s genes and genetic expressions. Nutrition in a perfect world would be tailored to an individual’s unique needs and requirements since genetics vary from person to person.

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A new way of looking at nutrition and disease prevention is through the use of Nutritional Genomics. Nutritional Genomics offers patients and doctors an in depth look at genes and genetic expressions, taking into account the smallest of aspects regarding a patient’s health. With the assistance of this analysis, doctors have an opportunity to help patients who don’t fall under the umbrella of the average individual find the nutrition and disease prevention they’ve been looking for.

In the United States, the use of Dietary Guidelines is the source of information regarding nutrition and helps in the development of the Federal governments food polices and other important information regarding health, nutrition, and disease prevention.1 Traditional ways of analyzing a patient’s health come from plans such as Dietary Guidelines, which aims to give advice and guide our way of planning, managing, and executing health.1 The issue with this way of thinking comes down to the fact that these plans are based off average individuals making all of society seem uniform, when in reality there is much diversity in age,

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