Gender-Stereotyped Cartoon – the Flintstones

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Gender-Stereotyped Cartoons 1. What cartoons did you watch or books did you read? I had chosen to assess whether children’s media is gender-stereotyped by watching various episodes of The Flintstones from the ABC televison station. 2. Are male and female characters portrayed in gender-stereotypic roles? “Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones. ” As the song entails, the Flintstones were in fact your modern Stone Age family. This 1960’s American sitcom had placed an emphasis on four leading characters each of which are portrayed in gender-stereotypic roles. Starting with the main character, Fred Flintstone is an accident-prone quarry worker and head of the Flintstone clan. He is quick to anger, but a very loving husband and father. Wilma Flintstone, who is Fred’s fiery, red-haired wife, is portrayed as being the more intelligent of the two as well as more level headed than her husband. The Flintstones best friends and next door neighbors are The Rubbles, Barney and Betty. Both the men and women in The Flintstones were drawn with the same body shape and type of clothing. The two main female characters, Wilma and Betty are both drawn very thin, with tiny waists, thin legs and medium busts. The two women are always dressed in short fitted dresses and accessorized each with a large necklace. The women always wear their hair in the same style and it never appears to be unwashed or disheveled in any way. Being that both the women along with men are emphasized as modern day cave people, they are never shown wearing shoes. This shows that both of the women are drawn with very tiny feet suiting well to the ideal body type of any woman. The two main male characters, Fred and Barney are both seen as somewhat stout, with an insignificant amount of muscle in their chest and upper body areas. Fred and Barney are each characterized by having minimally pronounced waists, in what could be termed a slight “beer belly”. Both have the same short, conservative haircut which appears to be shaggy and un-groomed. They are dressed in a primitive cloth which is relatively unflattering to their bulky body type. 3. Are males and females equally represented in exciting plot activities? I do not believe that males nd females are equally represented in The Flintstones. Unlike Wilma and Betty, whose sole occupation was raising their two children Pebbles, and the later adopted Bamm Bamm as well as being domesticated housewives, Fred and Barney were employed at the Slate Rock/Gravel Quarry. It is here, where they performed everyday masculine tasks serving as dinosaur operators which entailed them to the lifting and transporting of heavy materials, a job deemed as unsuitable (at the time) for any woman. The two men are also members of the Rock Quarry’s men-only bowling team known as the “Flintstone Flyer”. On a regular basis, Fred and Barney arrive home after a hard day of work in a stone-age vehicle with stone wheels and a fringe on top. The two women are rarely seen driving the vehicle which puts emphasis on the gender stereotype that women rely on men for transportation amongst many other things at that present time.

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