Gender Equality in Pakistan

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GENDER EQUALITY IN PAKISTAN Women representation in business management has been the focus of public debates for years. But in Pakistan this has only recently started to occur. In today’s world, the work force in most countries gives opportunities for women as much as they give for men. In European culture gender diversity is taken as a value-driver in organizational strategy and corporate governance. And this has become a challenging topic in the recent times. A higher ratio of female workers with in the firm will result in increased firm value, productivity and profitability. In Pakistan the amount of women involved in the work force is relatively low. This essay will highlight the women representation in business management in Pakistan. Pakistan currently ranks the world’s second-worst country in terms of gender in equality. Women’s struggle for empowerment has been an issue in Pakistan since the old days, which is still not over. We turn the focus on women because they have traditionally been the marginalized gender in countries like Pakistan. Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) undertook a Country Gender Profile study with a purpose to understand the overall status of women and men from gender equality perspective. The period in focus is from 1999 to 2007. The aim was to analyze the environmental, socio cultural context, traditions and human behaviors that have an impact on how gender inequality occurs in Pakistan. (Pakistan: Country Gender Profile, July2008, Jica, SDPI,, From studies carried out in Pakistan education was highlighted as one of the major reasons for the gap between male and female workers. The education system in Pakistan still suffers form problems like low public spending and poverty. The poor conditions of public schools in Pakistan leads to most parents keeping their kids specially the females form going out. Staying at home becomes a lifestyle at some point. MacintoshA vast majority of the women in rural areas are involved in house hold work and in agricultural activities as unpaid family work. This is because of the less opportunities for the women in these areas to find work. Also because most females do not have the qualifications required to start working. Which takes us back to the lack of education. Female ownership of an important asset or land is a rare thing in Pakistan. Laws have been made in the past years to allow women to work but the lack of awareness and old customs stop the numbers from growing. In the recent years women involved in the work force have increased in number but their voices are never heard on debates. Another reason for females not coming out to work is lack of support for them by the managers. Maternity leaves are not easily given which makes it hard for women to hold on to their jobs and are forced out. Although according to the law women have to be given 12 months of maternity leave with a 100% wage by their employers.

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