Gender Differences in Employment

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Gender discrimination is a common problem around the world. It means to treat someone basis on a person’s sex. Gender discrimination in jobs is unacceptable and unreasonable because is based on the kind of sex not on work performance and qualifications.

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In some countries, companies don’t accept women when they apply for a job or the opposite. This problem has many negative effects society and should be solved. This issue exists around the world and has not been resolved in some countries so far. People who discriminate in employment, they often only think of them self and they don’t care about others and don’t realize the effects that gender discrimination in jobs might affect on society. Also, there are some countries couldn’t eradicate it. The problem is the law ignores this issue, though it is an important problem. Conflicts between society are one of the most negative effects because if they are only hiring men, that will cause derisive between society. The communication will be difficult. Also, single women and gay people will not find a job easily. They need to work for a living. This problem makes life hard for them. The number of single women these days is high around the world. People know there are some women who take responsibility and pay their children education, so it will impossible to do these things without working. Some people say that there are some jobs women shouldn’t work on it, like factories and police because they need to a person can handle and endure it. Some people don’t agree with what they said men and women are the same in everything. The law must be strict in these kinds of issues and interest about people complains in this issue. If the law didn’t ignore this problem, it shouldn’t have been gender discrimination popular around the world. Gender discrimination in the workplace will affect the development of the country. It’s unlawful for an employer to treat people differently from others based on sex. Everyone should be treated evenly, it doesn’t matter if is a man or woman. Gender discrimination in jobs has a major impact on society and is a huge problem.

Workplace Stress

Gender discrimination in employment will make the workplace stress because there is unfair treatment by employers and this effect is limited to workers. The High amount of physical or mental effort leads to stress. Also, stress may lead to some of the health and psychological diseases (Cleveland, Stockdale, & Murphy, 2009). Also, it can affect the impact of the employees as being absent or they don’t make efforts because of the discrimination’s negative behavior stress. Thus, this can affect the workplace itself because there is no productivity coming from its employees., this is going to impact on the work environment.

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