Gangs and Drugs

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Drugs and gangs are one in the same. The drug and gang issue have been closely linked, and many gang affiliates are tangled with the use or sale of illegal drugs The concerns of gangs and drugs are both tremendously significant to today’s law enforcement. Law enforcement today, have come up with different approaches to lessen the gang and drug problem. This research paper will look at the history of gangs and drugs and the policing methods of gangs and drugs.

The History of Gangs & Characteristics

Gangs have been in the United States for a long time. In an article by Edward Flores, The History of Street Gangs in the United States: Their Origins and Transformations (2016) he introduces a Historical Model of Street Gang Emergence and Transformation. In the first phase of the model he talks about how gangs emerged from three conditions that is related to large-scale international migration: concentrated poverty, residential instability, and co-ethnic segregation. In the second phase, it is portrayed by weakened social control, family, and neighborhood. In phase three of the model it is named by youth gangs and subculture (Flores, 2016).

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In the book chapter, Gangs and Drugs: Threats to Our National Security by Hess et al. (2015), it talks about the most discernable qualities of gangs. Those attributes incorporate criminal action, leadership, organization, location identification, utilization of images, and a name. Research demonstrates that most gang individuals as of now were carrying out violations before they joined a gang, however their misconduct rates increment significantly subsequent to joining a gang. Albeit numerous gangs are approximately organized, some are formally sorted out. One basic authoritative component is age, with numerous gangs ordinarily having two to four age divisions. In some gang’s initiative is greatly characterized and might be one of three sorts: collective, key personally, and chain of command. Normally, gangs stake out a geographic region, or turf, as their area. Gangs symbols are normal. Apparel, hand signs, spray painting, and tattoos are altogether utilized emblematic portrayals of a person’s association with an explicit gang. Gang names shift from creative to clear. They ordinarily allude to areas, creatures, eminence, disobedience, pioneers, or a blend of these components (Hess et al., 2015).

The History of Drug Use & Different Drugs

In the book chapter,

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