Functional Business Systems and Important Applications

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Functional Business Systems The advancements in technology and the internet have significantly enhanced the manner by which corporations do businesses nowadays. In this regard, most of the corporations have adopted measures to incorporate the same into their operations. As such, the term e-business has been introduced (Rainier & Ciegelski, 2012). Generally, e-business pertains to the term often used in order to describe the use of the internet, networks and other pertinent technologies to support e-commerce, enterprise communication, collaboration and business processes that are web-enabled. This paper generally discusses the most common business applications that are incorporated into the e-business system (Rainier & Ciegelski, 2012). The chapter generally identifies three important business applications, to wit: (1) enterprise application integration, (2) transaction processing systems and finally, (3) enterprise collaboration systems. The aforementioned applications have numerous advantages and disadvantages to the business process. One of the most significant and obvious advantages of the aforementioned business applications pertains to the fact that it enhances the business processes (Rainier & Ciegelski, 2012). In fact, these applications serve as a foundation to improve business processes such as the customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management. For instance, the enterprise application integration is considered of paramount importance to the business in view of the fact that it enables the company to share pertinent information throughout the entire structure in order to effectively improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the business processes (Rainier & Ciegelski, 2012). Furthermore, it has also been pointed out that the said application is also crucial to provide essential support to business processes that are necessary to the operations of business. Aside from enterprise application integration, another important application pertains to transaction processing system. Basically, transaction processing systems play an important role in businesses that are web-enabled. This is advantageous to the businesses in view of the fact that the fact that they provide superior service to the customers and the other trading partners. Finally, enterprise collaboration systems are also beneficial to the corporations in such a way that it enables them to work more easily and effectively, enabling the people to communicate, coordinate and collaborate (Rainier & Ciegelski, 2012). Notwithstanding the numerous benefits associated with the implementation of information systems in the different organizations, it is undeniable that the same is likewise accompanied by various ethical dilemmas. Undeniably, computer technologies have significantly changed the manner by which pertinent data are gathered, stored, manipulated and communicated. More significantly, it has also been mentioned that in this information age, most economic activities are based on advancements in technology. As a result, ethical and juridical issues surface with respect to the right of privacy as well as those in relation to the protection of intellectual property. There is no question that information systems are crucial to global businesses today in view of the numerous advantages related to the same.

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