From A Dolls House To Dolls Home

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In the presence of social construct, there is an apparent debate of the role and value of women. A standard which often reflects a societyr’s cultural standards and level of education. Within the traditional eras (est.

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prior to modern depiction) women were categorized as inferior to men. Unable to act independently, women were to depend on men in order to complete any task. In the midst of these ideologies Henrik Ibsen, a self-proclaimed humanist, published A Dollr’s House a play that sparked controversy due to the role women portrayed. The protagonist, Nora, finds her family in the depths of a household crisis caused by debt. In the hopes of assisting her family in their financial crisis; Nora quickly mobilizes by sacrificing her dignity and adapting as a working woman. By doing so Nora rejects the traditional expectation of women as dependent and helpless. During this time a working woman was rare and seen as a humiliation to the husband, for his inability to fend for his household. Norar’s husband soon uncovers Norar’s contribution to their instability and is angered by embarrassment. In the virtue of self-worth, Nora abandons social norms-and her family. Modernists address A Dollr’s House as a feminist literature, using the playr’s neutral perspective of women as independent, dignified, and a contributing member of society.

Henrik Ibsen challenged the social depiction of women, controversy sparked as audiences hated and praised feminine independence through the use of female characters. Critics claimed, the play deterred women through selfish acts of the abandonment for self-growth. The consideration of A Dollr’s House as a feminist play is dependent of the standards a society holds as feminist.

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