War Which Provoked the American Revolution

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The French and Indian war was the event that provoked the American Revolution. The French and Indian war or Seven years war, lead to certain events that caused Americans to realize that their English liberties were being denied. The French and Indian war caused debts among the British. The British realized that during the war the income from the colonies was insufficient (document F). After the war, the British needed certain ways in which to gain revenue. They imposed taxes on the Colonists. These taxes, in turn, caused a stir among Americans. The Stamp Act was a tax imposed on the colonists without representation (document H). Their liberties as English citizens were being denied. Radical Whigs would go as far to say it was a conspiracy because when one was tried for disobeying the Stamp tax one would be tried in Admiral Courts, which did not have presumption of innocence. Other Americans were reluctant revolutionaries, they wanted the tax removed, but, they did not want to secede from Britain. When a colonist served in the army, they were not allowed to be anything higher than a Colonel. This upset many Americans because they believed they, as British citizens, should be able to be a general in the Army. Americans still wanted to serve Britain; however, they wanted the same privileges as Englishmen (document C) There were also economic reasons as to why the Americans eventually rebelled. After the French and Indian War, Britain gained supremacy in North America (document A). The colonists got a lot of new land; however they were not able to settle it. In an attempt to make the Indians happy and to make sure they won’t rebel, the British imposed the Proclamation of 1763, forbidding the Americans to settle the land (Document B). The Americans were upset with the British.

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