Free World Against Communist Block

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The topic that I chose to write about is the Cold War. This war was between the USA “Free World” and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) “communist Block” lasted from 1947 to 1991. Basically, there were tensions between the two nations because they were both feeling threatened by each other’s advances in nuclear weapons.

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For all of the years that we were in the cold war, it was just a big competition between the two. Both made propaganda that made themselves out to be the “good guys” and pointed fingers at each other for being the “bad guys.” So, who was right?

First, the USSR communist bloc consisted of many socialists. Socialists believed that the free market was bad and that the government should be in complete control of everything that the citizens own and have, including property. By doing this, the nation would be regulated. There would not be people who are extremely rich are poor, but there would be more of a happy medium and everyone would be equal. They believed that private property made it difficult for there to be unity in the nation. Their proposition was that there be a tax put on the wealthier people so that the poor and needy can be taken care of. This view is understandable. In many ways, the USSR was similar to Robyn Hood in the fact that he took money from the rich, but gave it to the poor in order for them to get the help they needed. However, I do see an issue in their views because no one is truly free to do what they want or live how they want to live.

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