Free From External Control Or Domination

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Autonomy is known as our capacity for effectively pursuing one’s goals, free from external control or domination. In other words, to live one’s life according to reasons and motives that are taken as one’s own and not the product of manipulative or distorting external forces” (Christman, 2015). Also, autonomy is described as the ability of an individual to feel, think and make decisions for himself. It is the way you act independently, according to your benefits.

An example that it can be highlight is clearly in the field of medicine and health care, where autonomy is an incredibly important and often contentious area for providers. In the first appointment with the doctor, one of the most important documents the person needs to sign is the called informed consent form. This form gives the authority to the doctor and his/her staff to obtain the medical information of this person, as well as to share it with other hospitals, among other centers.

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This means that as an autonomous adult, he/she understand the meaning of this document and that the decision is his/her to sign or not, everything is depending on his/her to make that decision.
Autonomy is valuable because respecting someone autonomy is a way to respect their dignity, and respect them as an equal. Respect, it is a basic value that confirms the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual. Doing so enables people to pursue whatever other values they think are important as long as they respect each other’s entitlement to do the same (Flanigan, 2017).

Another reason that autonomy is valuable,

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