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Free content has for long been a source of information in many parts of the world. Also, it has paved way for people who need to articulate a particular message through their individual works. Free content covers all aspects in the public domain which are not limited to the licensed works.

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Art is one of the sectors that has been greatly used globally in a bid to pass a message across various platforms. Through art, artists are able to capture some of the challenges that the society faces and are unknown by most individuals. One of these artists is Pablo Picasso whose works of art are of significant meaning to date. Pablo Picasso, can be described as one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century especially due to his affiliation to the art movements over this period. His artistic creations as well as a distinct style set him apart from his competitors at his time. Art was his way of articulating some of the challenges that the society faces. One of this period is the blue period which was between 1901-1904 which involved a degree of poverty both for Picasso and the society (Llorente, Maria, Francisco, and Marsden 12). Poverty has been and still is one of the factors that greatly affects any community. When communities languish in poverty, growth and development are some of the things that are unheard of. Poverty diminishes the livelihood of people and as a means to make this menace known, many other artists have opted to art aimed at passing the message of eradicating poverty. Art as a form of free content can be stored and used as a form of reference when coming up with ways of getting rid of poverty (Raphael 10).

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