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Business activity:

The new restaurant will sell a wide variety of Indian Cuisine from its secondary retail location which is the Earls court area of London. The different types of foods that will be served in the restaurant will include Samosas, Nan bread, Tandoori, rice, biryani, balti, jalfrezi, karahi, bhuna, vindaloo, madras, noodles, burgers, desserts, beverages, special dishes, and side orders such as aloo and potatoes as appropriate for the different seasons as it unfolds. In addition, the restaurant will provide a free delivery service for orders above £10 within a 3 mile radius, and will also include a 10% discount for orders above £15.

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Suppliers will include retail outlets in the Earls court area that sell Asian foods such as Rajah and TRS products from wholesale suppliers in Earls court, Wembley and Southall, which are established cash and carry wholesale outlets for Indian foods in the London area. Wholesale stores such as Tescos and ASDA will also be visited if necessary.

Type of Ownership:
In this case the business will be a partnership based business, in which the major stake holder will control 55 percent of the whole business and the remaining 45% will be controlled by 3 other stakeholders (4 stakeholders’ altogether).


The objective of the business is to provide high quality prepared foods and high quality service to the general public. In addition, we foresee to generate sales in excess of £100,000 in the first year!

Market Analysis:

Primary Data
A questionnaire was not deemed appropriate as the area of location does permit an influx of people, in which it can be said with hind sight that it will be worthwhile to press ahead with the opening of the business.

Price List:
The following is a table of a price list for potential suppliers:
Gandhi Oriental Foods Southall Food Suppliers Rajtha Food Suppliers (Wembley)
Pounds (£) Pounds (£) Pounds (£)
Bag of gold self raising flour 25kg 8.25 7.99 7.99
Case Barson (Gram Flour) 6 bags 2kg 8.45 6.25 7.99
Drum vegetable oil 15 ltr KTC 7.79 5.99 6.99
Tin Mustard Oil 4 ltr 4.45 3.99 4.99
Tin pure ghee 2 kg 6.25 5.99 5.49
Tin chilli powder 18.9 17.99 17.99
Tin haldi (tumeric) powder 14.9 12.99 13.99
Cinnamon 2kg 5.45 4.99 5.25
Packet Tejpatha (Bay leaves) 750 grams 3.45 2.99
Case boiled chick peas (12) 411 grams 2.85 2.99 2.99
Packet Chana Dai 2kg 1.95 1.99 0.99
Jar mint sauce 3kg 2.95 2.99 1.99
Bag Salt 12.5kg 2.95 2.99 1.99
Case cathey container 26.9 25.99 22.99
Case carrier bag large 250 12.49 11.99 11.99
Case Cobra Beer large (12) 650ml 16.5 13.99 13.5
Kingfisher beer (12) 660ml 16.95 14.99 15.99
Basmati Rice (2kg) 12.99 11.99 12.99
Tilda Rice (2kg) 14.99 13.99 13.99
Sureeya Rice (2kg) 11.99 9.99 9.99
Lamb (per kilo)
Chops 3.99 3.99 3.99
Liver and Heart 2.17 1.99 2.17
Leg 7.49 6.99 7.5
Shoulder 7.29 6.99 7.25
Back Chops 6.19 5.99 5.7
Chicken (per kilo)
Leg Boneless 3.65 2.99 3.45
Wings 2.99 2.99 2.99
Roasters 2.17 2.25 2.2
Leg 1.18 1.25 1.1
Boneless 4.99 3.99 3.99
Sheep (per Kilo)
Chop 3.5 2.99 3.25
Neck 2.64 2.49 2.5
Ribs 2.17 1.99 1.99
Leg 4.99 4.99 4.99
Shoulders 4.89 4.99 4.5
Back Chops 4.15 3.99 3.99

Names Strengths Weaknesses
Lapappardella Ristorante (Italian) •

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