Franklin And His Desire To Be Better

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Benjamin Franklin loved learning and was always trying to get better. His autobiography proves that Franklin puts effort into his writing and was always trying to work harder to get better at his writing skills. Benjamin throughout the book dedicated his time and most of his life to the list he made up of thirteen virtues.

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Out of the thirteen virtues, three will be talked about in this paper. Industry is the first. Industry loose no time; be always employed in something useful, cut off all unnecessary actions.(65) Frugality is the second. Frugality- Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; waste nothing(64). Last but not least is Humility. Humility- Imitate Jesus and Socrates(65). In Benjamin Franklinr’s life, he strived to gain knowledge and improve himself, taking every opportunity that came his way.

Benjamin Franklin was always employed in mainly different places and was always traveling for work. I then thought of going to New York, as the nearest place where there was a printer; and I was rather inclined to leave Boston (16). While Traveling for work Franklin also learned many new things. I was employed in cutting wick for candles, filling the dipping mold and molds for cast candles, attending the shop, running errands (6-7). These quotes state his working ability, while also proving Industry from the thirteen of his virtues. Industry loose no time; be always employed in something useful, cut off all unnecessary actions.(65)

Franklin cared about others and not just himself. Although he shows a hard layer of self-worth he cares about other peoples feelings as well.

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