Food Labels Should Contain Information on GMOs and Not at an Increased Price

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Every single human being, regardless of socioeconomic status, should be given the right to choose what goes into their bodies. However, one cannot make this choice if they are unaware of the contents within their food. Those suffering financially may also have little control over their diets due to usual high costs that accompany good-quality foods.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are genetically altered to contain genes from another specie. Many farmers genetically modify their crops to make them withstand harsh temperatures and be resistant to insecticides and herbicides (Jimenez & Pulos, 2016). We may be unware that many of our foods likely contain GMOs as food labels fail to disclose this information.

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There are a variety of contradictory studies regarding the safety of GMOs. Some studies suggest foods containing GMOs may be harmful to human health while others disprove these claims. Despite the extensive amounts of research about GMOs, these controversies still exist and there is no absolute certainty of whether they are completely harmful or harmless.

Many food containing GMOs are engineered to resist the herbicide glyphosate. Through various studies, glyphosate is proven to impact the reproductive health of females. It is shown to have detrimental effects on the endocrine system (Thongprakaisang, Thiantanawat, Rangkadilok, Suriyo, & Satayavivad, 2013). Behaving similar to the estrogen hormone, glyphosate acts as foreign material in the body and can disrupt the development of a fetus (Aris & Leblanc, 2011). Through a study testing the urine samples of 71 pregnant women, glyphosate was detected in 93% of them, confirming that glyphosate exists in some foods (Fairbanks, 2018). Neuroscientist, Deborah Kurrasch,

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