First Amendment Freedoms

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There are many important freedoms that are protected by the first amendment but in this essay were going to discuss my opinions on what are the 5 most important ones and why i think that. In my opinion i feel as though the most important freedoms are; freedom of speech, search and seizure, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the freedom of assembly/ petition. These are the ones that affect people the most. The ones that are used more often than most. They help keep people in check and help their problems peacefully. Freedom of the press is important because it allows news channels to keep us updated on the things that are happening in the world. This makes the public feel like there is less being hidden from the government. Also allows them to know the type of crime thats been happening near them or just in general. It can also help people with basic information such as the weather, car accidents and closings of roads, new businesses in the area or new products in the market, etc. every morning most people in the u.s wake up and turn on the news to know what’s new with the day and what’s going on in their area. People who are on their way to work listen to the radio to stay up to date on car crashes and closed roads on their route to work/school/anywhere. They also like to listen to music to wake them up or to help them get threw the dreadful moments of bumper to bumper traffic, helping people keep a cool head and not murder someone. Freedom of Search and seizures is also a very important freedom because it makes the citizens feel safe about being harrassed for no reason. People like their privacy and don’t really like to be bothered or bugged about things that are gonna cause problems that aren’t needed. This part of the amendment makes it to where police need a warrant for your arrest or probable cause to search you. Now this is important because if you have nothing to hide then they will have no way to get probable cause or a warrant for your arrest, also meaning that you will keep calm and not act all suspicious. Some people just get nervous while being around cops because recently there has been a lot of police brutality videos going around, so getting pulled over and being nervous might make the police look harder for probable cause. This is where the importance comes from the amendment because being that they need probable cause, being nervous isn’t probable cause so you can keep your privacy and not get searched for no reason. Although if you truly have nothing to hide i would just let them search you and do their job so you can not cause any unnecessary problems, then both you and the police can just go back to their day and continue their jobs. School however is a whole different story because they are looking out for the safety of the children in the school.

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