Financial analysis of an airline company

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Fictional airline Company – Tryanair Glossary Executive Summary Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Executive Summary The issues facing Tryanair in today’s highly competitive industry environment represent serious competitive facets impacting the battle for customers in the face of fierce competition, operating costs and security concerns. It includes new aspects that have been bubbling just below the surface and have come to the forefront which must be addressed to turn disadvantages into advantages. The company has recently come under pressure from the major carriers utilizing the legal system to contest its arrangements with smaller airports, as well as the growing pressures to levy a tax in response to environmental issues regarding the increased level of CO2 emissions and the elimination of short haul flights. The preceding, is in addition to the highly competitive state of the industry, represent areas that need to be addressed as part of a Public Relations Campaign that is in consort with broader business related strategies and policies. Since the company is engaged in the business of the transport of customers, public opinion represents an important part of the our image, and as such can be utilized to help mitigate the potential impact of the foregoing as well as aid in garnering support from opposition groups, the general public and the media through the utilization of a coordinated Public Relations Campaign to bring Tryanair into contact with:

  1. varied environmental groups,
  2. community groups,
  3. local authorities

The foregoing Campaign will be developed with the understanding that its implementation will also have to be mindful as well as adhere to the company’s corporate social responsibility mandates, as well as the interests of our stakeholders and shareholders. A pro-active stance on these issues is important to bring the company’s side of these issues into the public arena to not only balance the facts, but the arguments as well for these measures which is presenting facets from their perspective. In keeping with the aforementioned, varied studies and passenger feed back has alerted the P.R. Department that the following are issues as well:

  1. The charging of fees to wheelchair passengers
  1. Customer handling procedures after flight cancellations
  1. Flight schedule changes whereby our passengers are not properly informed or compensated when applicable
  1. Practices of some competitors in providing better customer relations while charging marginally higher fare rates

Rather than view the preceding as disadvantages, the view of the Public Relations Department is that these areas represent areas of opportunity which can be utilized to enhance Tryanair’s image and well as mitigate the potential for negative legislation and other proposals. What is called for are Public Relations measures that coordinate with the overall strategic plans for the company to achieve growth as well as solidify its position within the industry for the future. These aspects call for a forward looking approach that build upon itself.

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