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Mudarabah Definition What’s Mudarabah? It is a kind of partnership where one partner gives money to another for investing in a commercial enterprise. The investment comes from the first partner who is called “”Rab-ul-Maal”” while the management and work is an exclusive... [ view article ]


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Taxation Versus Supply And Demand Elasticity In inelastic good market, change in price does not cause any change in the consumption, for elastic goods changes in prices trigger great changes in the consumption patterns. An imposition of exercise tax by the government increases the levels of... [ view article ]


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Financial Statement CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. 1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY For the past fifteen years Ecobank Ghana Limited has been consistently been at the forefront of Ghana Banking Industry. It has won more domestic recognition than more of its much older competitors;... [ view article ]


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Internship Report of an Islamic Bank INTRODUCTION WHAT IS BANK? A bank is a financial institution, which deals with money and credit. It accepts deposits from individuals, firm and companies at a lower rate of interest and gives at a higher rate of interest to those... [ view article ]


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Standards For Accounting and Review Services r Answer D is correct because the SSARS requirements do not apply to either the processing of financial data for clients of other CPA firms or to consulting on accounting matters. See AR 100 for these and additional services to... [ view article ]


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Principles of Managerial Finance PART 1 Introduction to Managerial Finance CHAPTERS IN THIS PART 1 2 3 The Role and Environment of Managerial Finance Financial Statements and Analysis Cash Flow and Financial Planning INTEGRATIVE CASE 1: TRACK SOFTWARE, INC. CHAPTER 1 The Role and... [ view article ]

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Finance Functions in Manufacturing Company ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FUNCTIONS IN AN AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY AREAS 1. Accounts Receivable. 2. Accounts Payable. 3. Inventory. 4. Direct and Indirect Taxes. 5. Payroll. 6. Treasury Operations. 7. Manufacturing/Final Accounts. Accounts. Activities in Accounts Receivable Function 1. Recording... [ view article ]

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Losing You Id Card I won’t say that losing your ID card is completely out of your control, but even losing it twice can happen obviously. Things happen, we’ve all lost something before, hell I had lost $100 cash before. When I woke up... [ view article ]

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Safe and Responsible Driving Safe and Responsible Driving Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude. To begin, you must know the traffic laws and driving practices that help traffic move safely. Breaking these “rules of the road”... [ view article ]

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Hershey and Tootsie Financial Sheet Evaluation Tootsie Roll Industries Ratios (pg 732) The Hershey Company Ratio Interpretation and comparison between the two companies’ ratios Earnings per Share Current Ratio Hershey had net sales close to ten times those of (4,946,716 (51,625 Earnings / Tootsie Roll, however... [ view article ]

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