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Working Capital Management In A Manufacturing Company Finance Essay

Era Buildsys Limited is the pre- engineering arm of the Era group of companies. An ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, Era Buildsys holds the distinction of being one of the single largest, fastest growing and fully integrated PEB manufacturing units at Pantnagar in North India. The Company is equipped with a […]

Why Are The Financial Intermediaries Regulated Finance Essay

Globalization, demutualization, deregulation and the ever increasing growth and obscurity of abstruse derivative markets all stand centre stage in a debt driven financial saga which almost brought the world’s most advanced financial services industries to their knees. Politician’s attempts to vilify those within the financial markets often obscures the truth that political power, especially in […]

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Whistle Blowing Exercises In Indian Corporations Finance Essay

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. For Indians to understand that is not difficult. Just read ‘My experiments with truth’ by Mahatma Gandhi. Ownership of failure gives you so much price and conviction. Running a company is in fact all experiments of […]

What Is The Importance Of Ratio Analysis Finance Essay

Ratio analysis isn’t just comparing different numbers from the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. It’s comparing the number against previous years, other companies, the industry, or even the economy in general. Ratios look at the relationships between individual values and relate them to how a company has performed in the past, and […]

What Is Securitisation And Its Uses Finance Essay

“If you think you can go it alone in today’s global economy, you are highly mistaken” Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, USA [1] Securitization is considered one of the most prominent developments in international finance, and is its utility is expected to rise further in the future. [2] Securitization has been defined as “the process of pooling […]

What Investment Entails Concerning Future Share Period Returns Finance Essay

Investment entails some degree of uncertainty concerning future share period returns. In financial perspective risk is a synonym for uncertainty while return signify the totality of gain or loss on an investment. Risk in investment cannot be eliminated but can be managed through number of strategies such as diversification, asset allocation etc. This study was […]

What Determines The Bond Market Development In Pakistan Finance Essay

This study empirically analyzes the determinants of bond market development Pakistan between 2003 and 2009. It considers the stage of development and the size of the domestic bond market, as well as the historical, structural, institutional and macroeconomic factors driving bond market development in Pakistan. In this research the study of macro-economic variables, Banking size, […]

What Are Interest Rates Finance Essay

An interest rate is the rate at which interest is paid by a borrower for the use of money that they borrow from a lender. Interest’s rates are fundamental to a capitalist society. Interest rates are normally expressed as a percentage rate over the period of one year. Interest rates are also a tool of […]

Wall Street Journal Portfolio Trading Analysis Finance Essay

Upon being assigned the task of creating a personal investment portfolio using The Wall Street Journal’s online resources with a “cash” allotment of $1,000,000 in simulated money, I was instantly intimidated and concerned. I had no experience with investing and was absolutely made uncomfortable by the idea that 15% of my course grade would depend […]

Vodafone Took Over Hutchison Essar In India Finance Essay

Consolidation of business entities is a world-wide phenomenon. One of the tools for consolidation is mergers and acquisitions. Mergers and Acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) is an aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and rapidly in its sector or location of origin, or a […]

Uses For Derivatives And Hedging Finance Essay

In finance, a derivative is a financial instrument (or, more simply, an agreement between two parties) that has a value, based on the expected future price movements of the asset to which it is linked-called the underlying asset such as a share or a currency. There are many kinds of derivatives, with the most common being swaps, futures, and options. Derivatives are a form of alternative […]

Usefulness Of Value At Risk And Basel Frameworks Finance Essay

1. Introduction In order to understand the usefulness of VaR and other risk metrics for the setting of capital adequacy requirements it is useful to compare various measures used by financial institutions and legislative statutes of the Basel Frameworks. Traditional approaches to banking regulation emphasises the understanding that the existence of capital adequacy plays a […]

Understanding Venture Capital In A Country Like India Finance Essay

1. INTRODUCTION Starting an enterprise is never easy. There are a number of parameters that contribute to its success or downfall. Experience, integrity, prudence and a clear understanding of the market are among the most sought after qualities of an entrepreneur. However, there are other factors, which lie beyond the control of the entrepreneur. Prominent […]

Understanding The Term Foreign Direct Investments Finance Essay

The paper helps the reader to understand the meaning of the term “Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)”. Countries investing beyond domestic frontiers are called as “source” countries, countries receiving foreign investments are called as “host” countries. This article explains factors affecting FDI movements between countries. Brief mention about circumstances that are detrimental to FDI inflows or […]

Understanding Of Finance Within A Business Environment Finance Essay

As we are aware, finance is the lifeblood of business or it can be said as the most important part of all the business enterprises. To understand finance, you need to know the entire business indeed. Finance can be used for various reasons like expanding the business, investing and purchasing fixed assets like land and […]

Understanding Management Accounting And Financial Management Finance Essay

Accounting is a collection of processes and systems used to record, report and interpret the business transactions. It provides an account i.e. explanation or report in financial terms. Explanation or report regarding the transactions of an organisation can be viewed. A company named Flight high ventures plc is a producer/retailer of gliding equipment. The business […]

What Exactly Is Behavioral Finance Essay

Traditional economics describes human beings as rational decision makers , but it has been observed that investor do not always act rationally. Behavioural finance is the study of the influence of psychology on the behaviour of financial practitioners and the subsequent effect on markets. Behavioural finance is of interest because it helps explain why and […]

Value At Risk Measurement Of Market Risk Finance Essay

A credit rating tells the lender or investor the probability of a subject being able to pay back the loan. In the U.S the ratings are widespread, 94% of the S&P 500 are rated, so this approach are thought to improve capital allocation.In Europe, only 53% of DAX-30 firms obtained a credit rating.Therefore credit ratings […]

Validity Of The Capm And Alternative Theories Finance Essay

A major sector in finance is the optimization of portfolio. The target is to maximize the excepted return and minimize the risk. In 1952 Harry Markowitz with his theory about portfolio selection made two observations. The first one was that the combinations of two risky assets provide non-cumulative standard deviations since the two assets are […]

Understand How Jp Morgan Ended Up Finance Essay

The infamous Jamie Dimon joined the darling financial institution in 2005 as CEO and also joined the New York Federal Reserve bank board in 2008. 4 Notorious for his squeaky clean reputation relative to many of his contemporaries, his myriad successes in the big banking world landed him four times on Time magazine’s 100 Most […]

Time Value Analysis And The Attractiveness Of Alternative Investments Finance Essay

Time value analysis The time value analysis can provide the healthcare manager with the necessary information to make important decisions concerning financial strategies. The calculations of future cash flows at specific times are used to determine the attractiveness of alternative investments. The major limitation of the time value analysis is that a small change in […]

This Financial Audit Report Finance Essay

The first section of this financial audit report is to briefly explain the company background of the companies of Bonia Corporation Berhad and Parkson Holdings Berhad. Following by the first section, the second section is to examine the market share price movement of the companies from correlation coefficient and regression line of the best fit, […]

The Worlds Leading Economic Theorists Finance Essay

While the book is arguably aimed more at an academic audience, the material is clearly accessible to policymakers and regulators. Just this past month, in recognition of the one-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the NYU Stern School and the Pew Charitable Trusts put on a conference in Washington, […]

The Weighted Average Cost Of Capital Finance Essay

The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of a firm simply refers to how much, on average, it costs the firm to raise money. That is, it is the average rate that the firm must pay on any new capital that it raises. The importance of the WACC is in its relation to the evaluation […]

The Weak Form Efficiency Finance Essay

Fama, after the publication of his world renowned article in May 1970 he is known as the godfather of the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). It all began when he submitted his Ph.D. thesis which entitled “Efficient Capital Markets: A Review of Theory and Empirical Work.” In that paper he defined the concept of accurate market […]

The Vital Roles Of Mergers And Acquisitions Finance Essay

In the world of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions play a vital role. “The pace of mergers and acquisitions picked up in the early 2000s after a short hiatus in 2001. The economic shutdown and recession in the United States and elsewhere in 2001 brought an end to the record-setting fifth merger wave” (Gaughan, 2007, […]

The Usefulness Of Liquidity Credit And Market Risk Finance Essay

This essay explores empirically the usefulness of liquidity risk, credit risk and market risk as risk measures indicators to explain whether German banks riskier than European competitors or not. The sample of reference entities consist of all German banks and eleven European banks and the observation cover the period from1994 to 2008. Using a unique […]

The Unwinding Of Currency Carry Trade Positions Finance Essay

This essay aims to study determinants of currency exchange rates, focusing in particular on one reason behind the failure of uncovered interest rate parity (UIP): the currency carry trade. The essay concentrates mainly on the unwinding of carry trade and its implications for the value of currencies and the real economy. By showing the links […]

The Topic Of Market Discipline In Banking Finance Essay

Improve market discipline in banking is one of the three pillars proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in January 2001. This new Basel Capital Accord contains new rules to respond to the deficiencies of the previous accord on credit risk which was made in 1988. First pillar is calculating risk weights for different […]

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