Feminist Criticism In The Great Gatsby

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The focus on how women are depicted in literature is crucial and it is seen in the works of Fitzgerald in his book “The Great Gatsby”, for it was one of the many ideas that were discussed in his book. Furthermore, the idea of the feminist perspective is that it deals with the traditional impression of a man as the commanding and influencing subject who is thought to represent humanity since it is depicted that the male had overpowered females and prevented them from recognizing their own potential. The story can be appreciated for the way it has portrayed women, as the general narrative is enhanced and allows the reader to praise it for its literary value through feminist criticism.

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Therefore, in the book “The Great Gatsby” the feminist criticism centers on the general idea of the female experience, the differences between women and men, and the relationships between both genders.

In light of this, Fitzgerald wrote about this issue with awareness of the early twentieth century regarding female experience. Moreover, the women in “The Great Gatsby”, specifically Daisy, were seen as attractive young wives who were not only viewed as tools by men but also not heard or understood for their potentials. This idea was stated when Daisy bore a child and discovered that the child was a girl, she cried and said, ‘“All right, I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”’ (Fitzgerald 17). These words spoken by her reveal a lot about her character. In the book, it was viewed that Daisy was alone, but not a fool since at that time the social environment didn’t show any appreciation to the intellect of women.

On the other hand, this observation can also be viewed to be a sarcastic comment because although she is referring to the social values and what they hold in her era, she doesn’t confront them. For this reason, she portrays those values as her own since she thinks that girls or females can only have fun and survive in the world if only they were attractive fools. Also, in this story Daisy is depicted to be the “American golden girl,” this was shown when Gatsby said, ‘“Her voice is full of money”’ (Fitzgerald 120). To explain, the description of Daisy’s voice represents her personality, for on the outside, she seems to be alluring and glamorous, but on the inside, she is both shallow and disloyal.

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