Feminism in Hedda Gablerby Henrik Ibsen

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Feminism in Hedda Gablerby Henrik Ibsen:

The scripts of women’s history have continuously been linked with modern feminist politics as well as with variations in the persuasion of history itself. When women required start questions about discriminations in their own lives they bowed to history to comprehend the origins of their subjugation and to understand what they could acquire from tests that had been made earlier. If a woman’s part could be shown to be informally constructed within a detailed historical perspective, rather than ordinary and general, then feminists could claim that it was open to modification.

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Feminism seeks justice and equality for women and put an end to chauvinism in all forms. It is an intellectual and political movement. “Feminist movement can easily understand as the advocacy of the women rights”. (Robbins) Robbins in Literary Feminism “Feminism in literature can be understand by the study of literature by women i.e. the interpretation of any text with respect to gender dynamics”. (Freccero) Carla Freccero, in an article “Feminist Literary Criticism” These theories motivate many scholars and critics to re-examine and re-read with feminist point of view in literature. Literature is the form of an art which reflects the real life situations and circumstances as mirror reflects. Feminist critics tried to trace out the roots of sex discrimination that has been entrenched in literature. We can solve the problem of gender discrimination by finding the theses roots, because, by analyzing and evaluating we can overcome the dilemma. Ibsen is the father of modern theatre, awarder by the Norwegian Women’s Rights League in 1898 as Humanist. At that occasion he said, “I am very glad for the tribute, but I must deny the integrity and honor of having attentive work for the women’s right movement. I just want to solve their problems, my purpose and objective has been the portrayal of humanity”. (WHNADMIN) John Templeton said in his book about Ibsen’s Women, “Hedda Gabler is not all about the Women’s Right. Its subject is the need for every human being to find out how kind person she or he is. (Templeton) Hedda Gabler, published in 1890, is one of Ibsen’s masterpieces that encourage many scholars and critics. Its major themes revolve around women’s rights and the oppression of the misogynist society that affects the lives of the two main characters, Hedda and Mrs. Elvsted. Therefore, Hedda Gabler crystallizes and supports some of the central feminine issues in the nineteenth century; it highlights the reality of marriages that appear to be conventional happy marriages, but are not. It discloses how the situations motivate women to agree the first marriage proposal, Mrs. Elvsted’s deprived and depressed life motivate her to marry an older man. On the other hand, Hedda is certain that marriage will give her a sense of value and worth.

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