Female Reformers in The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era began in 1890 and ended in 1920. Females played a very important role during this time. Many women joined national organizations such as the National American Woman Suffrage Association, National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage and National Association of Colored Women.

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All women chose to join no matter their diversity. Being rich, poor, white, black, or immigrants did not separate them from joining. Women were considered leaders in the social and political movements from 1890 to 1920. Women participating in public and political movements was highly discouraged. The main goal of these female reformers was to end political corruption and improve the lives of the people. Female reformers took normal social roles and turned them into public roles and because of this, they began to win increasing support for women’s votes.

Women as Reformers

The Fight For Change

Women very quickly became leaders in many different social and political movements as they were arguing for their rights. Reformers in the progressive era had intentions to end the uprising and help to make the lives of the people improve as well as protect their citizens. Female reformers in the progressive era began groups such as the National American Woman Suffrage Association, The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, and The National Association of Colored Women. Women were allowed to participate no matter their skin color, race, religion, or economic status; every woman was welcome. The Woman’s Christian Temperance Movement is greatly known as the attempt to make alcohol illegal in which became successful in 1919. The suffrage movement was a very important part of the progressive era.

Legacies of Women Reformers

Jane Addams is known as a settlement house founder and a peace activist. She established the Hull-House in Chicago. The Hull House was a settlement house that provided education and needed services to local immigrants. Her quote Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics is a great representation of the reason why women were fighting for their freedom.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett is described as a very famous journalist, activist, and researcher. Growing up, she dealt with many forms of discrimination and violence. She is known for leading a campaign against the killing of African Americans. Her famous quote, The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them is important as it represents the fight to earn voting rights for women.

Abigail Scott Duniway is referred to as Oregon’s Mother of Equal Suffrage and The Pioneer Woman Suffragist of the great Northwest. She was the Veteran Equal Suffrage Leader of the Pacific Northwest. She was a lecturer, writer, and editor who spent forty years fighting for women’s rights. Abigail helped pass a law in Oregon that gave women the right to vote.

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