Fear and Panic Grips

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Panic grips your mind as sweat slides down your head, chills tingling down your spine. A phobia feels something like this. Phobias cause an excessive and irrational fear reaction (Andrew Watts), or in simpler terms, they terrify you.

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19 million Americans suffer from a phobia, and those people don’t fail reality testing, meaning they’re not delusional. Phobias are different from normal fears because they cause more anxiety, stress, and they’re uncontrollable, which lets them classify as an anxiety disorder. The reason why phobias terrify you is mostly simple, and it mainly consists of your brain essentially tormenting you.

Traumatic experiences involving the object of terror, whether it be hearing about it or observing it, is one of the main factors for how phobias are developed. The brain likes to store information to recall it later on, and if someone faces a similar situation that caused them terror, their reaction would be the same. Within the brain, the amygdala triggers the fight or flight reaction, which heightens the mind and body’s awareness. The areas of the brain that manage stress and anxiety retrieve the memory more often than it should, essentially torturing you. Smaller factors can also play a part in developing a phobia, such as medications, genetics, physical and mental issues, and brain injuries. There is also a theory that phobias stem from the fear and instinct from ancient times of early humans. Symptoms of phobias include sweating, chest pains, pins and needles, uncontrollable anxiety, dry mouth, chills, nausea, headaches, and accelerated heartbeat. When you have a phobia, you tend to avoid whatever terrifies you at all costs,

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