Fast Food Nation

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Outline I) Introduction: Fast Food Nation is a book in which Eric Schlosser did not hold any detail back. His ideas are very much similar to Hank Cardello who expressed his feelings in his best seller Stuffed and a article labeled Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. All of these topics touch upon the problem of obesity, low wages, and unethical issues. II) Topic Sentence 1: Obesity was on of the most talked about issues within all the texts. -Detail/Example- One out of every three American teenagers is over weight. Detail/Example- Among pre-school age children 2-5 years of age, obesity increased from 5 to 10. 4% between 1976-1980 and 2007-2008 and from 6. 5 to 19. 6% among 6-11 year olds III) Topic Sentence 2: Huge corporations want more profit for themselves so they cheat out their own employees because of their selfish greed. -Detail/Example- McDonalds hire mostly teenagers who will work for low wages. -Detail/Example- Fast Food joints have the lowest paying incomes in the United Sates. IV) Topic Sentence 3: McDonalds does tell the consumer all the ingredients which go into their food. Detail/Example- Fries in McDonalds contain beef flavoring which angered many vegetarians. -Detail/Example- McDonalds burgers contain as much thirteen hundred calories. V} If we continue to eat away our lives from these fast food joints, our country might become one of the most unhealthiest places to settle. There are man alternatives to fast food but we must spread the word about these unhealthy foods which many of us consume everyday. If we fail, then the phrase stands true; you are what you eat.

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