Family In The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle, a major motion picture released to the box office on August 11th, 2017, is based upon the real-life experiences of now author Jeannette Walls (IMDb, 2017). This film portrays Jeannette and her atypical familyr’s journey to live a stable and happy life in the midst of poverty. Throughout this film, the viewer can clearly see the detrimental impact that the structure of the Walls family has on each of its members.

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The following analysis aims to describe the unique story of Jeannette and her family from a sociological perspective in order to highlight the influence of the family on its members and to show how the depiction of this family through the media may influence society.

On paper, the Walls family appears to be a nuclear family with a Mother, Father, and three children. However, upon viewing The Glass Castle the viewer can see that this family is anything but normal in structure. The family functions with Rex, the father, being unemployed, and his wife, ?¬?¬?¬?¬Rose Mary, being the sole breadwinner of the family through her work as a freelance artist. Their three children Jeannette, Lori, and Brian live difficult lives as they constantly move across the country while being abused and neglected by their family members. Despite all of the negative aspects of the Walls family, one thing the viewer cannot fail to recognize is the strong love that each and every member of the family has for each other. Regardless of their motherr’s mental problems and their fatherr’s alcoholism, the parents love their children endlessly.

Upon watching The Glass Castle, the viewer can easily pick up on many issues within the Walls family. One of the first and largest issues within the Walls family that the viewer is presented with is their constant moving. The family frequently relocates to different places across the country, which can be interpreted as Rose Mary and Rex (the Mother and Father) running away from their financial problems rather than facing them head-on. Towards the beginning of the movie Rex returned to the family home late at night and awoke all the children to say Time to pull up stakes and leave this shit hole behind Jeanette then asked Where are we going, Dad and Rex replied Wherever we end up (The Glass Castle, 2017). While Rex and Rosemary probably didnt realize, this constant moving had a large impact on their childrenr’s lives. A study completed by Andre Dupre in order to research the effects of relocation stated, The father and the mother themselves involved in the residential relocation process, are not necessarily sensitive to the problems of their child (Dupre 1985).

This being said, Rose Mary and Rex probably werent even thinking about how their constant moving affected their childrenr’s social lives,

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