Faith Versus Facts

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Science and religion: two of the most fundamentally contrasting notions, yet both attempt to explain and how we choose to live. Whether the discussion be about the ongoing debate about how the universe began or the unceasing chatter about Darwin’s Evolution, it is no wonder these themes seem embroiled in an endless state of war. However, King delves into them head-on, developing and presenting characters to the reader that are simultaneously fascinating and horrifying, but most of all, thought-provoking.

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Interestingly, many people of different religions and stages of scientific expertise see absolutely no contradiction. Many will merely acknowledge that the two utterly different foundations deal with dissimilar realms of human experience.

Science investigates the natural, explainable world, whereas religion examines the spiritual and supernatural. In the novelCarrie, written by Stephen King, I found these concepts not only fascinating when juxtaposed, but also working in harmony to balance one another. Carrie, raised in an immensely religious household, possesses a rare scientific ability: telekinesis. As said in The Observer, I found this religious hindrance to be peerless imagination (1). The layers of depth that this central conflict contributes to the novel, provides a more realistic quality to its message. Although faith and fact may appear entirely opposing, King conveys that some amalgamation of both are necessary for personal and societal stability.

Margaret, Carrie’s mother, believes in the all of the notions of Christianity except for the aspect of community; not only does this lead to Carrie’s instability, but also Margaret’s perpetual state of atonement. I find Christianity to revolve around the idea of communal integration;

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