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Commitment to Failure

Prof Most People fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment said Vince Lombardi. Many college students find themselves unready for college causing dropouts of classes or failure in college courses. Many college students are high school graduates who think they’re ready for the next chapter in their life, college. College, however, is different from high school. Three main causes to for failure and college dropouts are bad study habits practiced in high school, lack […]

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Semi-structured Interviews With Clinicians

METHODS Study Design We conducted a qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with clinicians at a large academic medical center in the Northeast. Approval to conduct this study was obtained from the Dartmouth- Hitchcock’s Medical Center’s (DHMC) Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. Participants and Recruitment We used a criterion-based sample of clinicians (n=58), including attending surgeons, house officers, clinical nurse leaders, respiratory therapists, registered nurses, and nurse assistants. The units where interviewees worked varied by several measurable characteristics, including […]

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Failure to Properly Treat Inmates Who Struggle With Substance Abuse

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s (CDCR) mission statement asserts, We enhance public safety through safe and secure incarceration of offenders, effective parole supervision, and rehabilitative strategies to successfully reintegrate offenders into our communities (Rehabilitation, 2017). Don’t let the word Rehabilitation in their name fool you into thinking this is actually what they are accomplishing with the few drug programs and services in place behind their prison walls. Drug abuse is running rampant in California prisons. Just today I […]

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No Income Tax States – a Success or a Failure

In recent years, much debate has been stirred regarding states with no income tax and whether the benefits outweigh the income tax system already in place. The American Legislative Exchange Council reported that, as of 2018, states with no income tax have outperformed those that have it. This can be seen primarily in job creation and population growth. Michael Mazerov of The Center of Budget and Policy Priorities explained that in his research he has found no compelling evidence that […]

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Evaluate the Successes and Failures of China’s Ethnic Relations Policy in Xinjiang

People’s Republic of China is known as a newly emerged economic power in international arena, which has become a powerful state with great involvement in international cooperation, peace promotion and trade market. Yet, being one of the top countries in the world, it also has its specific region “ Xinjiang “ which is viewed as an ambiguous issue by both Western and Asian scientists. After the introduction of the Chinese government’s special policy on the development of this region, Xinjiang […]

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Introduction to Market Failure

Market failure is an economic situation that is characterized by an insufficiency of goods and services in the market. In another perspective, market failure is defined as a situation in the market where each particular individual decides to make correct decisions in their own rights but eventually, those decisions turn out to be catastrophic for the survival of the whole group. A rather traditional approach as to what market failure is has been a state of imbalance that develops whenever […]

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Chemotherapy Induced Heart Failure

Introduction: Chemotherapy is group of cytotoxic drugs able to kill neoplastic cells[1]. These drugs induce rapid apoptosis, deprivation of growth and suppression of angiogenesis, or a concession in capacity of repairing [2]. They act through disrupting cell division by preventing DNA formation[3]. So, the use of such chemicals is very essential for treating the patients affected with malignant tumors. However, most types of chemotherapeutics target all rapidly dividing cells and are not specific to neoplastic cells[4]. This fact makes chemotherapy […]

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Fear Of Failure

I am a first-year student here at the University of Toledo. It is important that I address an extremely common concern that many first-year students encounter, specifically in their first semester, and that is the overwhelming fear of failure. For the majority of incoming freshmen there is always the feeling of expectations, not knowing what to do or how to exactly prepare for things like curriculum. There’s a huge difference between the last thirteen years of the average K-12 school […]

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The Use of Jail as a Dumping Ground for the Mentally Ill and the Failures

The absence of emotional wellness ailment has kept on declining as I would see it. Because of people who experience the ill effects of a psychological maladjustment and left untreated, many are captured due to their ridiculous conduct; the prison has fundamentally turned into a dumping ground for the rationally sick. As per the NY Times article “Psychological instability, Untreated Behind Bars”, a gathering was held at the White House and the point in regards to the rationally sick was […]

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My Definition of Failure

Every now and then you run into somebody that will tell you, I’m not afraid of anything, but that is almost impossible. We all come into this world fearing something, whether it would be the fear of snakes, spiders, or even swimming in the ocean. My fear would happen to be failure. Failure has always been my biggest fear. I’ve always wanted to make my parents and friends happy with everything I do. I constantly feel as if I have […]

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Failure is Not the End

Failure is such a harsh and intimidating experience and thought to a developing mind. I recall the first time I felt out of control as life took over and I had no option but to fail. As we go through life, failing in that moment brings panic, sadness and even fear but at the end of every struggle there is a lesson to be learned. In this essay I am going to recount back to 2010 to my freshman year […]

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Neural Networks and Their Failures and Successes

It’s no secret at this point that there are some really smart AIs in today’s world. From everything to self-driving cars, to something so simple it only takes 9 lines of code. Many AI systems today use something called a Neural Network, which tries to mimic the human brains cognitive abilities. A human brain consists of 100 billion cells called neurons, which are connected by synapses. When sufficient synaptic input reaches a neuron, that neuron will also trigger in a […]

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Failure of Facebook

We are in the middle of a privacy crisis regarding our online information, we may think our information is safe online but is it? Privacy is something we all need and deserve and the possibility that some of our information could be getting into the wrong hands is alarming to say the least. This example of Facebook is just one of the thousands of online companies out there, we trust them but now that trust is being put to the […]

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College Failure

I was having a hard time with this subject at first. Then I watched Chelsea (my soon to be step daughter) who had recently graduated High School. Chelsea has been having a hard time adjusting to her classes. I have been trying to figure this out, because I had planned on her helping me through college. Now, I have been the one helping her through this process. At first, I just thought it was complete laziness keeping her from realizing […]

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Crowd Disasters as Systemic Failures: Analysis of the Love Parade Disaster

In a hot summer of July 24th, 2010, a crowd disaster took place in the annual Love Parade event in the Duisburg City of Germany. The disaster had killed 21 people and left 500 people injured. Authors purpose of this paper is not just to describe about the incident, how it took place instead authors have made explicit analytical description about its safety and prearrangement for possible disasters, for all event organizers. Authors have made study of the Love Parade […]

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The War Agaisnt Heart Failure

The human body is an amazing creation, probably one of the most amazing yet fragile natural machines in the world. Within this incredible machine, lays two core components that make everything else function, the heart and brain. The heart pumps gallons of blood throughout the body nonstop until death, in order for it to functions, while the brain tells what parts of the body to do what, while processing any given information or sensation. Both capable of amazing feats, and […]

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Failure Analysis of Blister Packaging Camshaft

Project Relevance: Packaging is one of the largest industry sectors in the world, worth $280 billion. Consumer healthcare packaging represents 4% ($11.2 billion) of the packaging industry. As drug manufacturers approach the 21st century, they face a number of challenges that packaging can help them meet. In this work camshaft under consideration operates forming die of a blister forming station at 45 cycles per minute. When forming die is in closed condition, operating load of the assembly is maximum i.e.19828N, […]

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Beloved Be The Ones Who Sit Down An Exploration of an Economy Profiting off of Failure

Roy Andersson, a Swedish filmmaker known for his experimental yet simple approach to aesthetic and his humorous perspective on the destructive nature of human behavior, communicates a deeply rooted and concealed issue alive throughout the world today in his film Songs from the Second Floor (2000). Through this dark-comedy/drama film, the dread and existential crisis affiliated with the feeling of complete hopelessness, the act of contributing to your own destruction, and the steps taken that lead an individual to completely […]

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Learning From Failures

Yesenia is my sister and the oldest from my siblings. My sister accomplished something that has not been accomplished in my family and that was receiving her high school diploma. Many don’t realize that receiving your high school diploma can open few doors and receiving a diploma/degree from college opens multiple doors. My parents were of proud of her for receiving their diplomas. My sister had a more difficult time getting where she is now. She ended in the same […]

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National Action Plan NAP: The Implementation Mechanism of Implantation Achievement and Failures

Pakistan has been targeted of an intense layer of terrorism and bomb attacks for last 10 to 18 years. But it abruptly increases after 9/11. Bomb attacks on government and public institutions, military personals and line enforcement agencies and offices of various organizations and suicide bomb attacks had become order of the day. Which compel the government to carry out military operation in various parts of the country operation Al-Mizan, operation Rah-e-Haq, operation Zalzala, operation black thunderstorm, operation Raah-e-Raast operation […]

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The Failures of Communism

Communism is a terrible ideology that prevents the deserved freedoms of those living under that country’s rule, leaving behind distressed civilians and a corrupt sovereignty. The word is originated from comun in the French language, meaning common, or community. Communism comes in different forms, whether it is just a mere social label or a pure following of certain degrees; however any form is mutually unhealthy. The leading source of distress within a communistic state or nation is due to the […]

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Failure and Success of Jamestown

What is a triumph? Triumph, a word not commonly used amongst the small world of middle schoolers, or anyone in general, means to be successful or to reach a great achievement. Although you may not use this word often, we all know one of its synonyms, victory, and have all experienced this joy whether it be you getting an A on your math test, which is your worst subject, or simply learning how to finally ride a bike as a […]

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A Failure to Identify: A Look at United States Cyber Policy

The old adage that history repeats itself is ever so present in Fred Kaplan’s Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War. There is a recurring theme in the United States (US) government of implementation lag, policy lag, and a lack of proper oversight in this rapidly changing technology age. The problem is 3-fold: (1) the lack of an implementation plan makes the policy just a piece of paper with ink, (2) the absence of policy hinders the ability for […]

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Understanding Variations in Communication Related to Failure to Rescue

RESULTS We conducted 58 interviews from February through June 2017. Table 1 describes the number of interview subjects by care area and role. Direct care nursing refers to General Care, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), and Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) nurses. These nurses hold primary responsibility for their assigned patient’s care and are considered the first line at the bedside. Consultation services include Life Safety nurses and Respiratory Therapists (RT). Life Safety nurses are ACLS and PALS certified critical […]

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