Fahrenheit 451: Knowledge and Ignorance

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Knowledge is a familiarity understanding of someone or something which is acquired by experience or education by perceiving. It is known as the body of truth, information and principles. Knowledge applies to fact acquired, observing and experiencing which one can do by reading and studying.

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 society has a huge impact if someone has knowledge or is seem bright because then they will not be equal as everyone else. This world is based upon a socially equality society. This society gains equality without education because citizens will not have a higher IQ than others. It as well gains no responsibility and sensibility.

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 Guy known as Montag is a book burning robot he reports to work, copes with his suicidal wife and walks through his television obsessed world. Montag does not realize the harm he is doing nor cares. Although his 17 year old neighbor Clarisse shakes Montag out of his stupor. ‘And I thought about books. And for the first time I realized that a man was behind each one of the books’ (Bradburry 49). Montag realizes that books have value and starts to understand why people read them in the first place. Clarisse has an extraordinary imagination and a passion for observation, she indirectly forces Guy to examine the world around him and inspires him to take action.

Montag starts to steal and read books for himself which leads him to danger. Causing his wife to leave him because their house is ruined. She ran past with her body stiff, her face floured with powder,

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