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Part 1: Analyse and identify all of the influencing factors on gaining a first class degree. During this analysis clearly display the controllable/uncontrollable factors surrounding this situation. (40marks)

The factors that influence the achievement of a 1st class degree can be split into two categories; those that can be controlled by the individual in question and those that cannot.

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Those that can be controlled relate almost entirely to the individual, where as those that do not relate to both the individual (for example the interest in learning that they acquired due to their parents involvement) and the individuals external environment. In either case, in this study, these factors are subject to the following assumptions; that the individual achieved the required grades to attend the university that he/she is at, that a 1st class degree is based on individual performance rather than a weighting amongst peers, and that there are no extraordinary factors or mitigating circumstances that might affect attainment. Controllable factors based on the student at the start point of the course, centre around the students ability/determination to learn. The largest controllable factor must be the amount of study that the student undertakes. A 1st class degree requires a student to perform above expectation and in general this would mean studying more effectively for longer. If the student is able to study for longer, then they should achieve a better grade, and given that the amount of time dedicating to study is essentially up to the student within a certain limit, this factor may be controllable. Distance to the library etc and other factors that affect the amount of study performed may also be down to the individual student. The quality of study is also a controllable factor. The more effective a student is during this study time, the more likely they are to achieve a 1st class degree. This could be controlled by reducing the negative impact of external factors on studying. For example, getting more sleep so the student is alert, or having the correct surroundings for studying (i.e. reducing noise levels). Though the student social life may be detrimental to this, it is controllable by the student, and it is the student who may make a choice between spending time socialising over studying. The correct education and choice of course is a controllable factor in attaining a 1st class degree. A student who has chosen to study a course that they find easier and that they are more capable at may achieve this grade. Whereas the choice to study a ‘harder’ degree where their core competencies do not lie, may be detrimental. Essentially, the controllable factors come down to the student’s determination to succeed. A more determined student may forgo the temptations of a social life, may study harder,

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