Factors Associated with Bruxism in Children with Development Disabilities

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Bruxism is a case where an individual continuously without knowing grinds or gnashes his or her teeth either when deep asleep or on some occasions when wide awake. There are two types of Bruxism; sleep and awake conditions. Sleep bruxism occurs when a person is sleeping and is typically connected to other mental situations like snoring while awake bruxism takes place when a person is consciously active but does not on common grounds aware when clenching his or her teeth.

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Studies show that sleep bruxism is frequent compared to awake bruxism with a wide range of different statistic percentages said to be 5% to 40% globally. In instances where youngsters with psychological malfunctions are involved, the rates range from 28% to 30%. Other studies show that children with growth afflictions, for example, the typical one cerebral palsy are more prone to bruxism disorder compared to the others developing regularly. Also, they are connected to sucking habits among other mental complications. Understanding bruxism in patients with growth disabilities like cerebral palsy can go a long way in helping researchers identify circumstances that lead to them acquiring such illnesses, therefore making it easy for doctors to find treatment for the relevant victims.

Research on bruxism was accepted by the Human Research Ethics known as U.F.M.G with several investigations conducted on children with developmental disabilities. Several methodologies were used to compile reports, for instance, dental charts which helped on experimental grounds to find out whether it was factual that youngsters with growth disorders are more susceptible to bruxism. Statistics regulated in the year 1998 January up to December 2013 on a total aggregate of 389 charts helped in the research work,

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