External Factors Such As Competition

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External factors such as competition, legal, technological and social changes are pertinent in the Planned Parenthood (Gelman, et al., 2017). Different organizations are influenced by mild environmental changes that influence their stability and well-being. Besides the marketing and delivery of care are vital in creating cohesiveness. It is important to discuss the both the internal and external environmental factors and their effects on the Planned Parenthood organization marketing and the delivery of care. Also capturing the threats, opportunities, strengths as well as weaknesses in relation to the strategy and marketing.

Threats Internal and external factors derails the progress of medical delivery. Factors such as competition interferes with the concrete stability as well as free flow of services. Different affiliates tend to omit their intended purpose and focuses on heightening their production (Luk?- ?­k et al., 2016). As a result product s of low-quality as well as substandard services may be realized in cases of delivery. Additionally, social changes and acculturation destructs concrete flow of medical delivery within an organisation. Some markets ae not allowed to access some services thereby killing the progress of the system. Moreover, laxity in technological changes lowers the quality of services rendered in the parenthood organisation. Most activities are rendered worthwhile thereby killing the morale of service delivery as well as marketing activities. Opportunities External an internal factors open more gates for exploration in the medical system.

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More technological advancements are realized as different practitioners with mild technical know-how are employed to meet the fast moving world (Luk?- ?­k et al., 2016). Similarly, legal changes allows the marketing department to have free flow of their services through a rational platform.

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