Extent Concept Of Sustainable Development Implemented

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The concept of Sustainable Development in the current political climate has gone beyond environmental pollutions. It now encompasses issues in trade, finance, technology just to mention but a few. But this essay concentrates on environmental pollutions as this is a global phenomenon.

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During the course of compiling this essay, we have examined how the UK is using the legal framework to protect the environment through the use of legislations and standards. Great emphasis is laid on climate change although other issues were examined also. Section one introduces the topic and sets the scene for further investigation. The second section examines the vision of the state in achieving sustainability. The last section examines the role of court in enforcing sustainable development principles through the use of legal and economic instruments. Because of the restrictions on this essay, most topics were not examined in great details. I hope you will find this essay interesting and captivating. Table of Contents Introduction This essay examines one of the greatest challenges of our generation, which is to adopt and establish sustainable development as outlined in the Rio Declaration (1992) [1] and planned in agenda 21 [2] . This Declaration defines sustainable development as a combination of economic development and environmental protection. Asides its legal remit, the concept of sustainability development has accrued some profound and established scientific, philosophical, political and economic dimensions. The principles of sustainable development [3] have not been long in existence and hence, it is undergoing through various reviews as detected by the science of law and its application through judicial review and court processes. Sustainable development aims at solving some social problems which are rapidly becoming serious threat to the environment and the inhabitants of the environments. One of the greatest social problems of our age is Global Change which has led to the Environmental Crisis and has been moving very speedily to its thresholds of irreversibility. Hence, sustainable development has come up with some mitigation packages to direct and control it through proper global strategies. There has been some crucial research programmes on Global Change, for instance, IHDP, WCRP, and IGBP, just to mention but a few. These research programmes or studies follow the normal slow pace of science, but unfortunately, the Global Environmental Crisis cannot afford to wait. Therefore, it is necessary for researchers, legislators, politicians, NGOs, and the judiciary to participate actively on the drive as they are the first to lay their hands on the facts and will become the administrators of the problems of sustainability development. The law must face the challenges of sustainable development. The obvious truth today is that, for instance, it is not worthwhile to assess and monitor the cleanliness of the waters, soils, and air, without simultaneously curbing those who are responsible for polluting them. Every citizen should be made to understand and adopt the “simple systemic rule that says think Globally and act Locally” 

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