Extemporaneous speech on Steve Job and his legacy

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I am (insert name) and I will be giving a speech on Steve Jobs and his legacy. The reason behind choosing this topic is because, Steve Jobs is an impactful name not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

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Furthermore, through him jobs have been created, creativity enhanced and trade links widened. Steve Jobs died on the eleventh day of October, 2011 and he was born on the twenty-fourth day of February 1955 There are several titles that can describe him some of them are inventor, industrial engineer, entrepreneur and business magnate. He is famous for his Apple products that have circulated the world (Moses, 2011). Steve Jobs is the co-founder and was the Chief Executive Officer as well as chairman of Apple Inc. Apart from being involved with Apple Inc., Steve Jobs was also the founder and chairperson of NeXT as well as major shareholder and CEO of Pixar. His contribution to the economy of the U.S and technology has revolutionized many technological sectors and the Apple products. Moreover, the products are a competitive technology in the global market today. His legacy left at Apple Inc. is one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of Jobs (Dormehl, 2017). His vision and legacy in the technology lives on six years after his death. Apple Inc. is a U.S. based global technology company whose headquarters is in Cupertino, California. The company specializes in designing, developing and selling customer electronics, online services and computer software. Some of the popular hardware products the company manufactures are smartphones commonly known as iPhones, Mac book which is in the category of Personal Computer category, other electronics such as Apple digital television, Apple smart watches, iPods and smart speakers called HomePods (Dormehl, 2017). Other than hardware, the company designs software such as iTunes media players which carries out all downloads on the company’s hardware, Safari Web browser, operating systems called iOS and macOS. The software has been integrated into different aspect of life which displays the creativity level of the company and the diversification of its services and products. This is seen through iWork as well as iLife that is present in the productivity and inventiveness suites.

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