Exports/Imports Logistics and Legislation

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Exports/Imports Logistics and Legislation Contents

Report 1:

Logistics supply chain 1.1NewZealand Wooden product 1.2Destination Country (China) 1.3 Supply chain Logistics 1.4 Warehousing and Distribution 1.5 Freight Forwarders and customs 1.6 Physical Distribution Services 1.7 Product Finishing Operations 1.8 Freight and delivery option

Report 2

Regulation of destination country regarding specific transport packaging and labelling of goods

Report 3:

Essential components of the export contract

3.1 Headings 3.2 Names and addresses of both the parties 3.3 Representation 3.4 Product, standards and specifications 3.5 Quantity/Quality 3.6 Inspection 3.7 Terms of delivery 3.8 Terms of payment, and amount 3.9 Taxes, duties and charges 3.10 Period of delivery and shipment 3.11 Licenses and permits 3.12 Insurance 3.13 Product Guarantee 3.14 Applicable law 3.15 Minimum orders 3.16 Signature of the parties References:

Report 1:

Logistics supply chain

Supply chain management(SCM) is the management of the flow of goods. It includes the movement and storage ofraw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. What is Supply Chain? Supplier Manufacturer Distributor Retailer Customer C:UsersmalwaPicturesdownload.jpg

  1. New Zealand Forest Product Exports

Introduction of product Our success is not a matter of luck. We have combined hard work and high quality to build a world ranking company. New Zealand is a great place to grow trees and produce timber. The climate is mild, we get plenty of sun, plenty of rain and we enjoy long growing seasons that are uninterrupted by cold winters. At Southern Cross Lumber we have grown by building a reputation for supplying consistently high quality product. Our customers know and trust our integrity when it comes to doing business and so we enjoy a great deal of customer loyalty. From our base in New Zealand we are able to supply customers throughout the world. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose role in life is to help satisfy your needs. We are driven by a passion to supply quality product to all our customers. NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme to promote New Zealand forests and wood resources to improve our economy, society and our whole way of life. It was launched in 2008.The forestry and wood industry is New Zealand’s third largest industry, contributing an enormous amount to our economy and making up over 12% of New Zealand’s export earnings. Public interest in climate change and the environment has never been higher which makes it a great time to highlight to all New Zealanders the benefits of growing forests and using wood. Growing forests absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and by choosing wood over other products we reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. Forests and wood fight global climate change. New Zealand’s forest products exports have grown considerably over the past 2 decades,

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