Explanatory Speech: Cyber Crime

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Introduction (Approximately 1min.)

Attention Getter: Have you or someone you know gotten a call from IRS asking for money? They may start to threaten you that you will go to jail. If so, it is very likely that it is scammer.

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Background and Audience Relevance: According to The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report in March 6, 2018, there have been over 12,716 victims that fell for IRS phone scams and paid more than $63 million since October 2013. These people are unaware that IRS officials do not call their client for confidential information through a phone call. They will always mail to taxpayer and they will never threaten to arrest the taxpayer for not paying taxes. This is just one example of cybercrime. With more advanced technology, this will result the online community to be more dangerous. Since technology is becoming an important part of us, it is crucial that we know how to protect ourselves from cybercrime.

Speaker Credibility: As a Cyber Security Engineering major, I am here to inform you about the most common cyber-crimes that is happening around us and how common it is to be the victim of cyber-attacks.

Thesis: In this speech, you will learn about three common types of cybercrimes, which are phishing, hacking and identity theft.

Preview of Main Points: First, I will talk about phishing and different types of phishing attacks. Second, I will discuss about hacking and how someone can become a victim. Finally, I will talk about identity theft and how it impacts an individual and other online company.
Transition to first main point: To get started, I am going to talk about what phishing is and different types of phishing attacks.

Body (Approximately 3 ?-5 ? mins.)

A. Main Point 1: Phishing is a fraudulent way of getting confidential information from the user through email. These emails are written so eloquently that it can trick anyone if you don’t look carefully.

1. Sub point 1: There are multiple kinds of attacks caused by phishing. Some includes Deceptive attacks, Malware attacks and DNS-based attacks. Deceptive attacks are when the users are asked to give out their personal information in the scam messages. Malware attacks is when malware is downloaded after opening the email. DNS-based attack is when users look up websites, but it will redirect to an unsafe website. Based on the book, Phishing and Counter-Measures, published in 2006 by Markus Jakobsson and Seven Myers, the author stated that most scammers send the call to action email and tell the user that there is something wrong with their information and ask them to click on the fraudulent website to correct their information.

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