Experience Of A Soccer Player

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Does the experience of a soccer player, play a big role on the number of juggles their able to conduct under thirty seconds? Introduction As a passionate soccer player and a fanatica of the game of soccer, the Math Studies Project is aimed to conduct an investigation into the amount of juggles a soccer player can conduct under a 30 seconds, experienced and recreational athletes.

In order to carry though the experiment and figure out what influences the amount of juggles per second a soccer player can conduct, data will be collected and critically evaluated. Comparisons between experienced and recreational athletes will be conducted in order to analyze if whether a soccer player’s experience influences the amount of juggles they can manage under a 30 seconds.

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It is expected that experienced players are able to conduct more juggles per 30 seconds, because they are often placed in tight situations and gain more control during different scenarios of a soccer game, for that reason is the aim of the project and will be evaluated through chi-squared. Forty-four subjects will be participating, twenty two of which were experienced soccer players and twenty two were recreational athletes. I will evaluate if experience and number of juggles follow a normal distribution.

To do so, I will examine the total of juggles each individual is capable of completing in 30 seconds and later complete a grouped frequency table. With the given information, I will draw a histogram to find out if it makes a normal distribution. so, I will find the mean juggles and standard deviation of the juggles.

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