Executive Leadership and Employee Motivation

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This topic is important in building ones’entrepreneurial skills. Executive leadership refers to the ability of managers and all other leaders within any organization to guide and create an influence to the workers. Those who lead an executive leadership process typically oversees business activities such as strategic planning and developments, decision making and overall fulfilling organizational goals. In every business organization there are various types of executive leaderships which includes authentic leadership, servant leadership, and paternalistic leadership. This leaders should be depicted by strong characteristics that include motivational leadership skills, accountability, extensive job experience within their professions and full of problem solving skills. Strong executive leaders in most business organizations possess analytical skills used to find out ways in which the organization can derive benefits and maximize employee’s productivity from the available resources within the company, (Bisk., 2015). In order to avoid low motivation of any organization employees execute leaders have to put basic roles in play. However, in for this role to be achieved the leaders are guided by various processes that includes encouraging employee performance measurements individually, risks analysis and company goals. Other factors such as willingness to collaborate, ability to listen and empathy are useful and much valuable for all executive leaders to implement them in their daily duties. Executive leadership is useful in building organization employees though motivation and other general activities.

Organization executive leaders mostly follow up the mix of interpersonal skills both soft and hard as they create an inspiration to all employees, thus, leveraging their attributes in order to improve business process. In other cases they play crucial roles in development and exemplification of their organization’s corporate culture that is highly considered in employee’s motivations development. They includes the executive leader degree of emphasis that is placed on various definition elements that includes collaboration, innovation, hierarchy, competition, social engagement and community involvement. However, due the current technology input, most executive leadership for Chief Information Officer have become both important and more complicated (Cooper, 2003). This is because most new ideas such as cloud computing, mobility, and Internet of Things have developed to be vital parts of the business organizations success. Therefore, each and every executive manage is obligated to make sure that these ideas and technologies are basically properly oriented within the business organization processes. These factors enables executive leader develop high motivations to the employees thus maximizing the business values as they try to avoid security risk and regulatory compliance.

Organization executive leaders should always be team energizers. They should always be striving to bring positive energy and even more passion to the workers. Always bearing in mind that the employees are the ones who help the business thrive even at the times of the nation’s worst economic periods.so the workers need some source of some positive energy and this is where the executive leaders should come I instead of them being the type of leaders who suck the energy away from the employees. Also the Organization executive leaders are supposed to understand that life is not all about work.

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