Exchange Rate And Inflation In Pakistan Economy

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Inflation & exchange rate are two main factors of macro-economics. Inflation is an increase in the level of prices of goods & services in an economy by the passage of time. Exchange rate is very important factor in economic which impact imports & exports of country.

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A country does not always want the exchange rate to fluctuate because an exchange rate influences the levels of its imports & exports, which are the component of fiscal policy. Policy makers want to hold rate at a particular level or within a certain range in order to achieve given domestic policy goals related to the level of growth of GDP.

In the perfect mobility the exchange rate movements and an adjustment of goods market is relative to asset market and consistent expectations. The extends that output responds to a monetary expansion in the short run, this acts as an effect on exchange depreciation which lead to an increase in interest rates (Dornbusch, 1976). There are three types of ways which gives stickiness in prices, the prices set by the firms in that currencies, the firms set the prices for currencies of consumers, or firms set the prices in the currencies of producers (Engel, 2001). When the exchange rates changes, the changes appear in the relative prices and make to generate additional uncertainty for equilibrium in markets. However, there is also defining that the changes in terms of trade play the larger role of changes in the exchange rates which affect the variability of exchange rates (Stockman, 1980).

Inflation is one of the key indicators of the country and provides important information on the state of the economy and sound macroeconomic policies that govern it. Inflation is the production of the expenses of manner of things arise which leads to the advancement of the last in the price of meals. For example, if the matter is hardy and this leads to the increment of the price of the production of the costs of increasing, and in turn this leads to increasing prices to keep the crowd his profits. The discretionary nature of the existing monetary policy in Pakistan is inflation, and it is targeting to hit on the Pakistani economy by focusing attention on the monetary policy. So the government of Pakistan is to make monetary policy more transparent for achieving the explicit goal, and decreasing the inflation. Therefore, it is increasing the public understanding of the strategy of central bank to deliver the target, so the State Bank of Pakistan helps to provide an anchor for inflation expectations in the economy. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has achieving a low rate of inflation in a high priority, and also aims to support the national country objectives of Pakistan to meet the economic diversification and competitiveness in the form of export from the world.

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