Excellent Education

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Excellent education is the eye opener to different opportunities in our societies; also it assists us to be able to understand everything around us. Philosophy is regarded as the passion an individual has to reflect as well as uncover the underlying of a particular activity. Philosophy is essential for any teacher because it pushes them to continue searching for the truths as well as not to get satisfied with the answers they have.

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Philosophy is categorized into three branches; the metaphysics, the epistemology as well as the axiology. Metaphysics is responsible for dealing with nature’s ultimate reality question, while epistemology is a branch which is responsible for dealing with questions which are related to nature of understanding as well as how we know different things. Lastly, the axiology is a branch which is responsible for dealing the questions regarding the nature of values. In this paper, I will focus on how the philosophy has assisted me to be able to better understand why education is essential and how it positively impacts my life.

Education plays a significant role in our lives because it assists us to be able to expand our knowledge, assimilate facts, as well as attain capabilities. Several factors come into play to enable a student to be able to effectively study for an exam. The factors include, motivation, intrigue, practicality, interest, individual value as well as the connection which are the core elements of education. Attaining knowledge may sound logic as well as the ability of an individual to reason, in which case it is preferable to the teacher or not, it impacts the student’s wellbeing. In most situations a teacher may opt to enroll in a particular field of education due to his or her love for the subject, but to be able to effectively teach one has to understand, satisfy as well as embrace the affective needs of the student to be able to succeed in their careers. The elements of essentialism, perennialism, idealism as well as pragmatism have contributed to my development of the educational philosophy. My take for education philosophy is that excellent education is the eye opener to different opportunities in our societies; also it assists us to be able to evaluate particular issues which are related to our lifestyle, culture, as well as conduct.

Philosophy of School and Learning

For excellent education to be experienced the educator is required to develop a curriculum which will be able to guide him or her to attain his or her goals which are providing knowledge to their students. School environments are essential to contributing to the student’s education because they provide the student with a place to be able to interact with different kinds of people which enables him ,or her to develop his or her social ability (Schunk,

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