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Critically evaluate the process of change management carried out by a leisure and sport organisation with which you are familiar. Use appropriate theory to evaluate the change management process in question.

Sports and fitness has come a long way over time, it is now looked upon as an industry, which operates on a global scale. Sports and Fitness could comprise clubs, health centres, big games like the Olympics, football clubs, golf courses, championships and titles ranging a multitude of sports and games.

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Each of these activities are part of organisations which are run just like any other organisation with management control, finance, marketing, human resource management and strategy. Each of these areas contribute to the success or failure of the enterprise. Due to immense media coverage and sponsorships, the sector has become very active, glamorised and highly competitive. The competition in this sector is becoming stronger and more players realise the lucrative benefits this sector has to offer. Television and media have greatly publicised the health and sports segment, to an extent where people are beginning to see the advantages of being part of it. Many beauty pageants have also been instrumental in creating the message about beauty, health and fitness. The outcome has been a combination of fitness and leisure centres, these are training grounds for athletes and people who would like to achieve a fitness regime by being part of these centres. More and more people are now keen to be fit and involved in sports of some kind to keep up their fitness levels and be healthy. Crichter (1984) says, the paradox of sport is that it provides such moments of self-realisation even as it confirms their apparent impossibility elsewhere. It both realises human identity and denies other kinds of especially racial and sexual identity. It is both uncontaminated by the rest of social life and shot through with economic and political influences. It is both timeless and a product of history [Frank Kew (1997), p 12 – 25]. Sports and fitness are about helping create a self-identity, which is high on self-esteem, confidence and good belief. The following is information on sports psychology which helps understand the reasons behind so many fitness and leisure centres springing up across countries including UK. Another interesting quote about sports comes from Huizinga, 1972, Play is essentially a free activity quite consciously outside ‘ordinary’ life as being ‘not serious’, but at the same time absorbing the player intensely and utterly. Play has no material interest, and no profit can be gained by it. It proceeds within its own proper boundaries of time and space according to fixed rules and in an orderly manner. It promotes the formation of social groupings which tend to surround themselves with secrecy and to stress their differences from the common world by disguise or other means [Cox H.

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