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Evaluate the impact of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill on the Countryside, land management oranother identified sector.

1.0: Introduction

Rural development has beenconsidered as a critical element since the enforcement of the Rural Strategy2004 as argued by Ozay Mehment (2005).The Government’s strive to accomplish rural development in order to achieve asustainable economic form both in the rural and the urban areas in order tomaintain environmental stability as argued by Mike Jenks et al (2004) further justifies the above argument. In this report a critical analysis on theimpact of the Natural Environment and rural Communities Bill is presented tothe reader. The report commences with an overview on the importance of the billto the rural environment and the overall development of the economy followed bythe critical analysis on the legal aspects of the implementation of the bill inthe countryside businesses and land management.

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Furthermore, the report alsoprovides a comprehensive analysis on the policy statement of the bill prior tothe analysis of the legal aspects in order to identify key factors that can bediscussed in the discussion on the legal factors.

2.0: Overview of the NaturalEnvironment and Rural Communities Bill

The rural strategy 2004 is the keyinstigating factor for the enforcement of the Natural Environment and RuralCommunities Bill as argued by Catherine L. Kling et al (2005)who argue that the need to articulate the concerns, needs and interests ofrural people and businesses is the driving factor for the enforcement of thebill. The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill is designed to helpachieve a rich and diverse natural environment and thriving rural communities,through modernised and simplified arrangements for delivering governmentpolicy (DEFRA, 2005). The above statement makes it clearthat the bill focuses on the preservation of the natural reserves and providesdevelopment opportunities with a flexible and modern approach to develop therural areas through industrial development and businesses. Furthermore, the fact that the billembraces the Government Policies and strives to deliver the governmentalpolicies (i.e.) the agenda of the Rural strategy 2004 for the development ofthe rural communities and the countryside further justifies that the bill isnot only for the preservation of the natural environment, but also to develop asustainable strategy to generate revenue through the process for thedevelopment of the communities involved. The key elements of the bill asmentioned below justify the aforementioned argument. ‘Enhancingbiodiversity and landscape – in rural, urban and coastal areas – with promotingaccess and recreation’ The fact that the governmentthrough establishing the Natural England strives to provide a singleorganizational responsibility for the aforementioned justifies the significanceof the bill towards natural conservation. Although there are many independentorganizations acting for the development and preservation of the naturalenvironment of the nation, the establishment of a single organization – NaturalEngland to accomplish it across the country is the significant element of thebill.

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