Examine Religious and Non-Religious Beliefs About Death and the Beyond

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Examine religious and non-religious beliefs about death and the beyond. Across the world there are a multitude of different beliefs concerning death and the beyond. In Christianity there is the idea of rebirth into a soul body. Whilst in this soul body we are judged. This idea comes from the belief that all human beings are inherently sinful and therefore we must spend our lives trying to do Gods will and spread Christianity. All mankind falls short of the glory of God” We are judged upon all actions within our lives, and upon our beliefs, and if we are deemed worthy then we enter the kingdom of heaven, yet if we are deemed unworthy, then we are cast into the great river of burning sulphur, and into oblivion. There are multiple interpretations of what happens to those who are deemed unworthy. It is most commonly taught that eternal suffering and damnation is punishment for not believing in God, but many more modern christians believe that there is only heaven and nothingness.

You do not eternally suffer, but are punished with non-existence in any form. Islam and Judaism hold similar beliefs, although they do not believe that humans are inherently sinful, so they do not place such value in salvation or judgement, but still believe that in order to reach heaven, the blissful afterlife, you must believe in God, follow the scriptures and do good in the world. Another religious perspective concerning life after death is that of reincarnation. Hinduism and Buddhiusm both believe that reincarnation, ‘transmigration of the soul’ is what happens after we die.

Within Hinduism it is believed that our physical manifestations on earth are only a temporary state of a jiva (being) and that when we die we go to another world for a time to rest and recuperate before coming back to earth. In hinduism it is believed that at death there are two paths, the path of the sun, of the gods, and the path of the moon, of the ancestors. Those who tread the path of the sun never return, while those who tread the path of the moon return to be reborn again. To attain the path of the sun the soul is given numerous lives in which is overcome the inconsistensies and blemishes and become whole and pure.

It is said that even a yearning for being pure is something that obstructs us from the path of the sun.

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