Evolution of wimax, internet and downlink

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1.1 Background of the study

For the past few years, demands for high-speed internet access and multimedia service for residential and business customers has increased greatly [1]. This has led to internet service providers looking to other ways in which to deliver their service to the consumer (last mile). This has led to a re-haul in thinking between the traditional methods of wired technology and wireless technology.

Because wireless systems have the capacity to address broad geographic areas without the costly infrastructure required to deploy cable links to individual sites, the technology may prove less expensive to deploy and should lead to more ubiquitous broadband access [3].The forum describes WiMAX as "a standards based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL [2]. Knowing that WiMAX has been developed for this very purpose there is need to test the capabilities of the technology.

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The original idea of WiMAX is to provide users in rural areas with high speed communications as an alternative for fairly expensive wired connections (e.g. cable or DSL). These so called last mile connections are not the only purpose for which WiMAX systems are thought to be used. WiMAX standard includes utilization of adaptive modulation and coding, which makes it possible to provide users with high connection speeds close to the BS (Base Station) and lower speeds when the radio channel is not as good. Thus, WiMAX can offer home and business users high data rates and QoS (Quality of Service) on dense areas and moderate connection speeds and still good QoS on rural areas. It is also designed to enable LANs (Local Area Networks) to communicate with each other through a WMAN (Wireless Metropolitan Area Network).

This project aims to find out just how robust WiMAX is in terms of scalability. By pushing the protocol to its threshold and seeing how it performs.

1.2 Motivation

Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) has emerged as a promising solution for last mile access technology to provide high speed internet access in the residential as well as small and medium sized enterprise sectors. At this moment, cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) technologies are providing broadband service in this sectors. But the practical difficulties in deployment have prevented them from reaching many potential broadband internet customers.

Many areas throughout the region currently are not under broadband access facilities. Even many urban and suburban locations may not be served by DSL connectivity as it can only reach about three miles from the central office switch [3]. On the other side many older cable networks do not have return channel which will prevent to offer internet access and many commercial areas are often not covered by cable network.

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