Everyone Establishes Their Own Truth

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Different people share different experiences and therefore everyone establishes their own truth. Truth is something that is created by one’s opinions and although the truth is something that we consider as morally right, the truth is not always used for the right reasons. The truth never shifts into something else and it is in constant no matter the circumstances. Those who seek the truth can be regretful of it and realize that life might have been better without it.

Certain people are extremely self-centered in the sense that they forget to take take other people’s opinions and perspectives into consideration. In literary works such as Oedipus Complex by Sophocles and Flannery O’Connor’s short story such as Good Country People, characters are swept away by their own ignorance and oblivion and that they forget what is front of them. Some of these characters get tricked because they are too caught up in trying to put their own beliefs and morals into others, and some are too ignorant to realize that not everything and everyone is what it appears to be. Ultimately, these characters realize their wrongdoings and mistakes too late as well as realize that their previous life had been fake. Thus, the truth that they know and morals that they impose on other people for self gain and manipulation come back to haunt them which lead to their own fatal fall. Some of these characters realize that the truth they were seeking did not bring them the enlightenment

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they wanted.

In Good Country People Hulga is one if the main characters who is living a fake life. She has a fake/artificial leg. Her name is not her name. And lastly unlike most people she has a weak heart, literally and metaphorically. She was named Joy by her mother, maybe because her mother thought that she’d bring her happiness. An example of Mrs. Hopewell trying to impose her own ideas and expectations on her daughter. From the start she decided to set standards on her daughter on what she wanted her to be. Joy changed it to Hulga which for some people can sound very ugly and bland but it correlates to her grumpy nature. We can see that Hulga wanted to choose her own identity and not what her mother wanted her to be. Her true nature lays within her new name but her mother still calls her by her old one because Mrs. Hopewell only knows her truthand her ideas. Hulga wanted her own identity and truth without other imposing it on her but her mother’s footsteps follow her as she starts to impose her own beliefs on others.

Hulga has many degrees as well as a Phd in philosophy. She considers herself as an atheist and has no indication in believing in God.

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