Evaluating and Synthesizing Research Findings

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In the study on the juvenile justice across the globe, the synthesis of the elements within the research is important for the reader to understand the information provided to him or her. Combination of the resources and the sources giving the research a nice report is known as the synthesize and combination of the information is the reason as to why the researcher has to acquire information for the study. On the issue of the literature review, some of the elements in the study are those findings in which the literature has to gather together and make them read correctly.

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The drawing together of the findings in a whole study and in literature is important since it makes one identify how the literature has to address the research question. The manner in which the sources, the methodology and all other elements of a research has to address the research question and in this situation is the juvenile justice is what all researchers call the synthesize of the research findings. The sources have to be of the highest quality and all gather together the information needed to make the research complete and successful. There is a given process in which the research findings have to cover in any study and this is the gathering of the literature and addressing the topic of discussion, the review of the literature, summary, description and analysis of the key concepts that are needed. Finally, synthesize is the aspect of drawing together a conclusion of the literature where a clear comparison and contrast of the information is given. Critically evaluating the literature review and the sources provided to back up the study is important and this is the reason as to why the given address is to make the juvenile justice question to be fully synthesized.

Juvenile justice across the globe can be termed to be barely 100 years in their age and this is according to the credible sources the research has done. The juvenile justice has been evolving and having many transformations across the world to suit the juveniles been corrected. It began with the idea of handling the youths around a given country and transforms them after they have been caught in the offensive side of the arms of the law. This has changed around the world through the manner in which they perceive justice to the youthful offenders to making them be comparable with the adult criminal justice. The adults have their own justice systems that have been in conjunction with the juvenile justice since they all lie within the same justice lines. According to the sources, the juvenile justice system is currently seeking the idea of getting established within the society we live today. The juvenile justice system seems to be ending any time soon but the society is not letting it go but this is what it looks like in future.

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