Euthanasia Practice

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Since when does people kill their selves to cure diseases? Euthanasia most commonly known as medically assisted suicide to end one’s life. Most people want to have a right to die because they may be terminally ill and be in excruciating pain that may feel like torment (BBC). Euthanasia is illegal in most of the United States, but there are states that have legalized this. Even though many people think one should have the right to die there are many organizations that are against the idea of euthanasia. One of the organizations is Hope and their mission is to create networks to put up a barrier to euthanasia (Hope).

Hope is a coalition single group that wants to create a positive but effective message to the public. Another organization is Voice for life and their concern is to speak up for life regardless of any circumstances (Voice for life). Voice for life was founded in 1970 by a professor named Sir William Liley in New Zealand (History). Both organizations have similar views on euthanasia and have the knowledge that life is important regardless of any situation. Even though the organizations may differ, they have the same views on the issue and the purpose of this essay is to implement a partnership.

Hope is a single coalition group who oppose euthanasia and is located in Australia. Hope is an organization that firmly believes that euthanasia or medically assisted suicide poses a risk for the vulnerable. Many elderly people who are the vulnerable feel pressured into making the decision to end their life because of being a burden to their families and the state (The telegraph). Most families are the ones that put the ideas in the elder’s head that the family would be better off without them. Euthanasia opens a pathway for the terminally ill, disabled, and the elderly people to see themselves to be an extreme emotional and financial burden to others (the national centre). In the states that allow euthanasia the children have to pick where one will have a medically assisted suicide. Some say that children shouldn’t have the right to choose euthanasia because children don’t have the knowledge or grasp on what life and death is (Debate).

Hope’s organization creates networks of people who want to educate people of all ages on the issue of euthanasia. The organization goes around the world to organize events and have quality speakers to speak to people of all ages. These events give people the hope that one needs to advocate the issue and learn the measures of euthanasia that makes it almost unthinkable. During these events it is discussed how a medically assisted suicide would originally be performed and the effects of the suicide. During a euthanasia patient is injected with a local anesthetic that makes one fall into a coma, and the person will slowly stop breathing (Quora). The organization researches how an euthanasia is performed and shares it with their audience.

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