Euthanasia And Cancer

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Peter is a 64-year-old who decided to take early retirement to enjoy life and not work so hard. He decided it was time to enjoy his grandchildren and like any other typical retiree enjoy traveling. Recently having built a house in Morelos, Mexico it was time to enjoy it. Peter has always been the life of the party. Anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with the person he is. He is a hard worker, compassionate, very dependable person. He will take the shirt off his back to help you. As you get older you start feeling the aches and pain that comes along with aging and Peter was starting to feel it or so he thought it was from aging. After a routine checkup he is told to immediately go to the hospital there was something abnormal in his blood work.

After spending four days in the hospital going through many testing, Peter is given the worst news you can possibly get. Three words you never want to hear come out of your doctor’s mouth “ You have cancer”. Being diagnosed with a terminal disease can be devastating not only for the patient but also for the family and friends. After overcoming from the initial shock you want many answers to questions you might have. Many questions will remain unanswered or it is not the response you were hoping for. All you know is that being diagnosed with a terminal disease, the end result is going to be death. Therefore, Euthanasia should be offered and allowed for these cases. The three main reasons why Euthanasia should be allowed are these patients have no chance of recovery, shortens suffering, and after all, they have the right to a “good death”.

Being diagnosed with a terminal disease basically means there is no cure and no chance of recovering from the illness.

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