Ethnicity and Religion

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Are you Christian or are you Indian? This is one question that has been asked of me in my entire schooling career. In 6th grade, my schoolmate nicknamed me ?the coconut’which meant being brown on the outside but on the inside is white. They came up with this nickname specifically because I was a Christian Indian kid, who was practicing a white religion and yet he was brown-skinned.

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Throughout my schooling, people kept on asking me every possible question about my religion and race with most of them having the intentions of wanting to learn and connect how the two interlink, but in most cases, the questions often had negative suggestions for they never expected an Indian to be a Christian.

My classmates found it difficult to accept a Christian Indian, so it was understandable. However, they usually had the notion that since I was Indian I automatically had to have good grades. This forced me to work hard in order to prove it to my classmates that it was due to studying that I managed to attain good gradesand not the so–alled superhman genes that they believed to be passed through Indians or the everyday potion drink, for such things do not in any way relate with attaining good grades in school.

They equally believed that since I was an Indian, I was not supposed to associate myself wiwith any sport. I was usually being told to go do some studies rather wasting my energy in playing sports. This ended up intriguing me, and I kept on asking myself why the color of my skin should signify any skill whatsoever. But as much as they kept on teasing me about this, I ended up being the first pick for volleyball or basketball.

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